PI-1004 Hamdi Boutique Hotel

تشریح ملکیت

Great opportunity at the heart of Old Istanbul

The project is located in Fatih district, within the Old Town walls of Istanbul.

This speical investment is only 300 meters from Suleymaniye Mosque and only 2 km away from Sultanahmet Square which is the most important and popular place in Istanbul for tourists from all over the world.


Total size of the building is 620 sqm and it constitutes of 2 buildings; one which is a historical building of 400 years old and the other is a residential one which is 100 years old. Between these two buildings there is an open space of 420 sqm.


The area also is very attractive. The project faces the main gate of Istanbul University which is founded in 1846. The project has a panoramic view at the heart of Golden Horn.


This exclusive project is an exceptional and great opportunity with high investment value for investors. Its commerciak status is approved by the Municipality. The property can be invested to be coffe shop, restaurant or boutique hotel.


خلاصه سریع

قیمت حداقل
حداکثر قیمت
حداقل مربعات متر مربع 1.000 m²
حداکثر متر مربع 1000 m²
اتاق ها 12
حمام ها 5
وضعیت برای فروش
گاراج ها بلی


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