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Ottoman sultan's portrait to be shown in Istanbul

by Property Invest News 25.07.2020

In Mersin ... "Heaven" and "Hell"

by Property Invest Blog 13.07.2020

Turkish hotels ready for tourism season

by Property Invest News 06.06.2020

Skiing in June

by Property Invest Blog 31.07.2019

The Kurtik Mountain Çavuştepe region in Muş, which has an altitude of 2700 meters and snow doesn’t melt for 8 months is home to skiing and alpine slalom athletes. The athletes train in this region in June where the thickness of snow reaches 2 meters.

Turkish universities to train AI, hybrid car engineers

by Property Invest News 30.07.2019

Turkey is looking to invest in future professions with universities opening new departments, from artificial intelligence (AI) engineering to hybrid car technologies.