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Traditions of Ramadan “Sugar” Feast in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 03.06.2019

Ramadan Feast (Sugar Feast) is an official holiday that lasts for three days in Turkey. Celebrating the Ramadan Feast after a month of fasting is one of the most basic and most important traditions of Islam. The Arabic name of this religious holiday is” Eid ul-Fitr”.” Eid” means feast and “Fitr” means “breaking the fast” It refers to the festivity of the end of the thirty days of fasting in Ramadan.

Is Istanbul ideal for Turkish property investment?

by Property Invest Blog 22.02.2019

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city with is currently more than 15 million people.

8 Things you should know about a Turkish wedding

by Property Invest Blog 06.02.2019

Wedding is an important part of each culture. There are some differences between countries of the world.

The Third Airport Project Keeps on Raising Prices of Properties in Istanbul

by Property Invest Blog 22.01.2019

Istanbul's Third Airport, which will be the largest airport in the World when it is completed, affects the prices of the real estates, lands, and residential units in the surrounding area.

Turkey ‘making great efforts’ to connect Europe to Asia

by Property Invest News 06.04.2019

With its mega projects, Turkey has been making great efforts to connect Asia to Europe through the Lapis Lazuli transport corridor, the Turkish transport and infrastructure minister said on Nov. 28.

Istanbul Marathon 2018 : Run from Asia to Europe!

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Istanbul Marathon is The one and only marathon in the world that is realized over two continents.