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A Brief History of the Evil Eye

by Property Invest Blog 16.07.2019

Occasionally anyone can receive a malicious look, but most of the time we won’t take it seriously and forget about it. Though, in many places across the world the belief in “the evil eye” is taken seriously and requires action to avoid harm.

6 Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 14.07.2019

If you are planning to visit Turkey in summer, be it for permanent residence or just a vacation you should add these beautiful beaches to your list of destinations.

Types of Hospitals in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 12.07.2019

In Turkey hospitals not only provide general treatment and emergency services but also work to prevent diseases and epidemics, offer on site treatment or referral, conduct research and train experts.

Where to Buy Property in Mediterranean Region, Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 09.07.2019

The Mediterranean region has mild climate with damp winters and hot summers. There are narrow valleys that lie between steep peaks and past them are wide plains that are convenient for farming.

Turkey, Russia, Iran summit to be held in August

by Property Invest 07.07.2019

Turkey, Russia and Iran will summit in August aiming to discuss the Syrian conflict, presidential spokesperson İbrahin Kalın said on July 4.

How to Rent Out Your Home in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 05.07.2019

Renting property in Turkey may become lucrative income for you if done correctly. If you are considering becoming a landlord in Turkey, you should familiarize yourself with the local tenant law.

The Safest Way To Sell A Property In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 29.06.2019

If you are a property owner who has a holiday house, or an expat living in the country permanently, there might come a day when you consider selling, you will want to know how to sell your house in Turkey in a safe way, quickly and for the money you want.

Turkey's Most Popular Residential Locations

by Property Invest Blog 28.06.2019

Turkey has much to offer to foreigners who are looking to start investment in Turkey or live in the country permanently, flexible lifestyle, developed infrastructure, and the bonus is the low cost of living.

Must-see Nature Parks In Istanbul

by Property Invest News 24.06.2019

While Istanbul is a stunning cosmopolitan city full of museums, shopping and historical sites, and great opportunities for investment in turkey it also blessed with many spots of natural beauty, where people can escape from their urban routine for a while.

Real Estate Investment In Bursa

by Property Invest Blog 25.06.2019

The growing modern city of Bursa sits just across the Marmara Sea from the vibrant city of Istanbul. and like Istanbul real estate it has seen many changes in recent years with property developers meeting demands from many overseas property investors searching for an ideal investment in Turkey.

How To Invest A Small Amount Of Money In Turkey?

by Property Invest Blog 19.06.2019

Before you start investment turkey in small funds, consider the following factors:

How To Find A Job In Turkey As An Expat?

by Property Invest 16.06.2019

Turkey is a Eurasian country. It has borders with Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria.  And The official language is Turkish.