Why Is It A Good Idea To Buy An Apartment In Istanbul?

by Property Invest Blog 29.05.2019

Would you like to live in a city that offers a unique combination of history and modernity? so, apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea view or mountainside are the best.

Anatolia's Plants Will Be Used To Develop Local Medicine

by Property Invest News 20.05.2019

Turkey is home to countless endemic plants which are used over the centuries to treat different diseases. Now the country is on its way to use the vast potential of the Anatolian heartland mother nature.

10 Turkish Community Rules You Should Know If You Are Planning To Stay

by Property Invest Blog 18.05.2019

Like any country, Turkey has a range of social rules to live by. If you intend to live or start investment in Turkey, here we highlight a few of them for you:

SOCAR's New Petrochemical Investment To Work By 2023

by Property Invest News 16.05.2019

With increasing Turkish-Azerbaijani energy cooperation, the State company of Azerbajdzhan Republic Republic (SOCAR) is making ready a new billion-dollar energy investment in Turkey in cooperation with British Petroleum (BP).

How to Buy Your First Property in Turkey?

by Property Invest Blog 01.07.2019

Buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul or any other property for sale in Turkey is a great investment. that this could be one of the most important investment decisions to make. You need to research how much you can invest and how you hope to gain from your purchase. Here are the considerations you must take into account while buying property for sale in Turkey.

Turkish Red Crescent extends its help in Ramadan

by Property Invest News 14.05.2019

Turkey's leading charity, the Turkish Red Crescent, declared its humanitarian projects for the holy month of Ramadan. The charity's president, Kerem Kınık, stated they're going to reach almost 15 million people in Turkey and also the world as a part of their aid campaign.

The Historical Great Bazaars Of Istanbul

by Property Invest Blog 12.05.2019

Istanbul has always been an important center throughout history thanks to its location on the crossroads of trade routes.

Buying A Property Izmir

by Property Invest Blog 10.05.2019

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, and probably the nearest city you can get to with a Western vibe. Many have related it to Paris or Madrid for its cosmopolitan.

4 Tips To Increase Your Real Estate Profits

by Property Invest Blog 18.06.2019

Real estate investment in Turkey is an enormous business, the property investment that you start should return to you.

Palestinian Journalist Wins Initial Prize at City Picture Awards 2019

by Property Invest News 08.05.2019

Agence France Presse (AFP) journalist Ahmad Gharabli's distinct picture of a Palestinian lady and Israeli security officer photographing each other was chosen picture of the Year 2019 by the City Picture Awards, organized by Anadolu Agency.

Turkey's "Slow City" Provides Peace and Serenity

by Property Invest Blog 06.05.2019

"Slow city" is an expression that describes cities where people have a good life. “Cittaslow” is an Italian global movement founded in 1999, it targets to increase the excellence of city life.

Turkish Archery – New Trend in Malaysia

by Property Invest News 04.05.2019

Traditional Turkish archery is becoming very popular in Malaysia, since a local school, namely IDRISSI School, included it in its curriculum.