Turkish economy grows by 1.6 percent in Q3

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Turkey’s economy grew by 1.6 percent in the third quarter of 2018 compared with the same period of last year, the country’s statistical authority announced on Dec. 10.

Benefits Of Real Estate Acquisition In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

Turkey is a country that surrounded by seas on three sides. Turkey's climate is also a meeting point for a number of distinct clime and weather patterns.

Turkey launches national space program

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Turkey's official gazette published a presidential decree on Dec. 13 announcing the establishment of the country's space agency.

Six Things to Know About Turkish Culture

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

Turkey is regularly known as the passage to Europe and the Middle East.

Turkey names its first indigenous multirole helicopter Gökbey

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Gökbey.The name of Turkey's first indigenous multirole helicopter T625 is Gökbey.

Football Teams And Properties In Istanbul

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

At the beginning of the 19th century in Turkey (at the time, the Ottoman Empire) football is started to be played. First, they were Europeans in the Ottoman Empire, primarily British and Italian, they played soccer. English James Lafontaine, who came to Istanbul in 1899, organized a football league that lasted until 1922.

Turkey seeks better uses for its trash

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Tülay Gerçek stands in front of a vending machine at a busy Istanbul metro station but instead of putting coins into a slot, she crams plastic bottles into a hole.

Estate Consulting For Buying Property In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 17.04.2019

In Turkey, there are legal regulations that would allow foreigners to buy houses.

Economic confidence in Turkey rises 9 pct in November

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Confidence in Turkey's economy surged 9.1 percent in November, the nation's statistical authority announced on Nov. 29.

Real Estate Market And Sales To Foreigners

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

As a result of the ongoing developments in the real estate sector in Turkey; the demand for buying does not come from Turkish citizens only.

Citizenship in Turkey: How to Apply?

by Property Invest Blog 05.04.2019

With the decision published in the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018, some regulations regarding the transition of foreigners to Turkish citizenship have changed.

Turkey ‘making great efforts’ to connect Europe to Asia

by Property Invest News 06.04.2019

With its mega projects, Turkey has been making great efforts to connect Asia to Europe through the Lapis Lazuli transport corridor, the Turkish transport and infrastructure minister said on Nov. 28.