The Paradise of Izmir: The City of Çeșme

by Property Invest Blog 19.03.2019

When İzmir is mentioned what comes to mind are two things: Great opportunities for investment in Turkey and the city of Çeşme which is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey in terms of sun, sand, thermal health spas, culture and tourism. In this vacation town, where you find houses built in accordance with local architecture designs, it draws attention with its authentic atmosphere. It is a kind of heaven for those who love the sea and sun.

E-Bikes Placed at Istanbul’s Public Transportation Stations

by Property Invest News 15.03.2019

Energy-producing bicycles are placed at some public transportation stations in Istanbul by the Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (IETT) to draw attention to renewable energy production while promoting a healthier mode.

Advices For The First Time Property Buyers In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 14.03.2019

Congratulations! If you have decided to invest in a property for sale in Turkey, this country has much to offer to you.

Turkey's Biggest Mosque Complex Is Counts Down to Opening!

by Property Invest News 13.03.2019

Çamlıca Mosque is about to open in a month. The with construction of the giant complex had begunthat began six years ago. Once completed, it'll be the largest mosque in Turkey according with the association that funded it.

A Guide To Social Traditions In The Turkish Culture

by Property Invest Blog 05.04.2019

Property investment in Turkey is rich with opportunities. So is Turkish traditions and culture. it’s impossible to summarize all of it in a single article. Let's try to highlight some common social Turkish traditions.

Double-digit growth in 2018: Turkey welcomes 39.5M foreign tourists, generates $29.5B in revenues

by Property Invest News 17.04.2019

In 2018, Turkey welcome 39.5 million foreign tourists as business revenues surged to $29.5 billion.

The Safest Way For Investment In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 09.03.2019

It is commonly known that Turkey is the link between the east and west. Its strategic location has attracted various investors.

Innovative Turkish Research Company Manufactures X-ray Devices From Hemp Composites

by Property Invest News 07.03.2019

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently gave messages of determination in industrial hemp production, public establishments, the business world and entrepreneurs rolled up their sleeves to figure on the business.

Top 8 Locations To Visit In Turkey In Spring

by Property Invest 06.03.2019

While the weather is getting hotter, we are about making plans for the spring. So, what are the best locations to visit in the springtime? Here are top 8 locations that you should definitely visit in Turkey during the spring season:

Turkish Citizenship is Simplified by The Turkish Government!

by Property Invest Blog 05.03.2019

According to the Official Gazette dated September 19, 2018; Turkey has reduced the investment limits to encourage foreign investments in Turkey:

Turkish Airlines to engage new Germany-Antalya flights

by Property Invest News 04.03.2019

Turkish Airlines will start direct flights from 2 major German cities to the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya within the approaching months, the corporate aforesaid yesterday.

$1.2B in export deals inked at Istanbul furniture exhibition

by Property Invest News 01.03.2019

The 15th installment of the CNR IMOB International Istanbul furniture exhibition, the world's third-biggest exhibition in its field, achieved to sign $1.2 billion in export contracts.