Palestinian Journalist Wins Initial Prize at City Picture Awards 2019

by Property Invest News 08.05.2019

Agence France Presse (AFP) journalist Ahmad Gharabli's distinct picture of a Palestinian lady and Israeli security officer photographing each other was chosen picture of the Year 2019 by the City Picture Awards, organized by Anadolu Agency.

Turkey's "Slow City" Provides Peace and Serenity

by Property Invest Blog 06.05.2019

"Slow city" is an expression that describes cities where people have a good life. “Cittaslow” is an Italian global movement founded in 1999, it targets to increase the excellence of city life.

Turkish Archery – New Trend in Malaysia

by Property Invest News 04.05.2019

Traditional Turkish archery is becoming very popular in Malaysia, since a local school, namely IDRISSI School, included it in its curriculum.

A Guide To Best Places For Breakfast in Istanbul

by Property Invest Blog 03.05.2019

The best way to start your day is by having a rich breakfast. It’s the main meal of the day for the Turkish people. In Turkish culture breakfast is not just a meal, it’s an enjoyable occasion. a good weekend breakfast like therapy to forget the exhaustion of your business week especially if your job is related to investment in Turkey.

The “Great Move” from Istanbul Ataturk Airport

by Property Invest Blog 01.05.2019

Atatürk International Airport, Turkey’s main airport and entrance gate for foreigners who want to visit or start investment in Turkey is officially closed on April 6th 2019 after moving its entire operations to the new majestic Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul's Landmarks

by Property Invest Blog 29.04.2019

Istanbul is a world metropolitan city with thousands of opportunities for investment in Turkey.

Growing Interest in Turkey From South Africans

by Property Invest News 03.05.2019

The director of Turkey's state-run Yunus Emre Institute in Johannesburg stated that South Africans are showing a growing interest in Turkish language and culture. He noted that since their office is located on a very busy street everyday they are welcoming every day many people at their offices asking about Turkish culture.  

Turkey Middle Of The Pack On World Happiness Index

by Property Invest 26.04.2019

The world's countries have once again been ranked in terms of happiness, with Nordic countries topping the rankings and Turkey landing in the middle, on a U.N.-produced list released each year on March 20, the International Day of Happiness.

Tips From Experts to Invest in Istanbul Real Estate

by Property Invest Blog 25.04.2019

As Turkey’s largest and most populated city, it is no surprise that Istanbul real estate investment market is a source of activity. Every day, hundreds of deals take place. In fact, it is the most popular market for both foreigners and Turks as seen over the years.

Alanya: Enjoy The Spring Sun

by Property Invest Blog 23.04.2019

Alanya has a history going back thousands of years. Alanya was founded in the 7th century B.C.

Europe's Biggest Hospital Next in Turkey's Bid to Be Health Center

by Property Invest News 22.04.2019

Turkey inaugurated Europe’s biggest hospital with 3,704 beds in Ankara.

Who Are Exempted From Property Tax?

by Property Invest Blog 20.04.2019

Buying a real estate or investment in Turkey has become recently an unmissable chance.