Buying A Property in Bodrum

by Property Invest Blog 17.04.2019

City of Bodrum is located in the west of Turkey where the mediterranean meets the aegean.

Year 2018: 8.8% Of Turkey's Population Is Old

by Property Invest News 15.04.2019

In the last 5 years, Turkey’s elderly population increased by 16%. The number of educated people with advanced ages also rose in the same period of time.

Journey To Where History Began: Southeastern Turkey

by Property Invest News 15.04.2019

If you are coming  to start an investment in Turkey or for a holiday where you can touch the history of humanity and enjoy some of the most delicious food in the country, we recommend you to visit the ancient cities of ”Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa” in southeastern Anatolia.

Europe's Biggest Theme Park "Wonderland Eurasia" Opens in Ankara

by Property Invest News 12.04.2019

Wonderland Eurasia, the biggest theme park in Europe, is inaugurated by president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara. The park will offer many rides and activities to the guests of all ages.

Types of Properties in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 11.04.2019

Turkey is an interesting combination of East and West and its architecture is witness to that.

Turkish Coffee Culture and Traditions

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

Turkish coffee culture and tradition back to the 16th century when coffee started to be served at coffeehouses in Istanbul.

Turkish water agency breathes life into Africa, Syria

by Property Invest News 08.04.2019

The state-run Water Works Agency (DSİ) provided water to 2.5 million individuals around the world with 591 water wells it reached in Africa and Syrian Arab Republic.

Enjoy Spring with Istanbul Festivals

by Property Invest News 06.04.2019

From foodies to martial arts enthusiasts, Istanbulites can celebrate the approaching of spring with lots of festivals.

5 Facts About Turkey Property Ownership

by Property Invest Blog 05.04.2019

The purchase of real estate in Turkey doesn’t require much effort. Turkish real estate market is changing rapidly, so as an investor you must be aware of the market and its tendencies for future.

First entrepreneur with Down Syndrome: A pacemaker

by Property Invest News 04.04.2019

Mr. Ozan Ulusoy is a 31-year-old business man with a genetic disorder, namely Down Syndrome. As inspiring as can be, his condition never prevented him from achieving his goals.

Property Investment in Turkey: To Rent or To Sell

by Property Invest Blog 03.04.2019

All experts approve that real estate is the best long-term investment to make, and the property investment in Turkey is no exception. Many foreigners have gathered to take advantage of low prices, new building and the potential for capital appreciation.

Turkish Music Culture

by Property Invest Blog 01.04.2019

Turkish people love music. Lyrics and tunes accompanying the music is also of upmost importance. First impressions of Turkey on a visitor makes him/her believe the artistic culture is more European than expected. Actually, oriental heritage definitely shines through the arts, culture, music, and folklore.