A Brief History of the Evil Eye

by Property Invest Blog 16.07.2019

Occasionally anyone can receive a malicious look, but most of the time we won’t take it seriously and forget about it. Though, in many places across the world the belief in “the evil eye” is taken seriously and requires action to avoid harm.

Ancient history waits to be uncovered in Düzce

by Property Invest News 15.07.2019

Excavations in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in the northwestern province of Düzce and at an 8th century Genoese Castle on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List are expected to unravel more of the history of the region and attract tourists.

6 Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 14.07.2019

If you are planning to visit Turkey in summer, be it for permanent residence or just a vacation you should add these beautiful beaches to your list of destinations.

Maritime History at Rahmi Koç Museum

by Property Invest News 14.07.2019

The Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi, part of the Rahmi M. Koç Museology and Culture Foundation, is a private non-profit institution dedicated to the collecting, housing, researching, preserving and exhibiting of industrial and engineering objects and their documentation from all countries and periods up to the present day.

Types of Hospitals in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 12.07.2019

In Turkey hospitals not only provide general treatment and emergency services but also work to prevent diseases and epidemics, offer on site treatment or referral, conduct research and train experts.

Lycian Way awaits adventurers

by Property Invest News 11.07.2019

Tourism and Turkey are two words that go together so well. So when they are mentioned, one might think about the country's countless blue-flagged beaches and ancient sites,

Where to Buy Property in Mediterranean Region, Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 09.07.2019

The Mediterranean region has mild climate with damp winters and hot summers. There are narrow valleys that lie between steep peaks and past them are wide plains that are convenient for farming.

Turkey, Russia, Iran summit to be held in August

by Property Invest 07.07.2019

Turkey, Russia and Iran will summit in August aiming to discuss the Syrian conflict, presidential spokesperson İbrahin Kalın said on July 4.

How to Rent Out Your Home in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 05.07.2019

Renting property in Turkey may become lucrative income for you if done correctly. If you are considering becoming a landlord in Turkey, you should familiarize yourself with the local tenant law.

Ekrem İmamoğlu Is Re-elected As The Mayor Of Istanbul After Rerun Polls

by Property Invest News 03.07.2019

On June 23, Ekrem İmamoğlu is re-elected with a big margin of victory, after rerun polls and got his certificate on June 27 for the second time this year from Ali Yerlikaya, the governor of the Istanbul province who has served as acting mayor, between two polls.

Summer Festivals to Attend in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 02.07.2019

The summer season is now in full swing and it’s time to enjoy some good music under the stars in Turkey. Whether you reside here or just came for a short stay there are a variety of options in terms of the length of the events and kinds of music offered.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Teaches 30,000 Students In 35 Countries

by Property Invest News 01.07.2019

Turkey's Maarif Foundation is currently educating 30,000 students in 35 different countries around the world.