How To Find A Job In Turkey As An Expat?

by Property Invest 16.06.2019

Turkey is a Eurasian country. It has borders with Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria.  And The official language is Turkish.

Aphrodisias: The City Of Aphrodite, The Goddess Of Beauty

by Property Invest Blog 13.06.2019

Located in the Karacasu district of Aydın province, It is 230km South East from Izmir where you can find good amount property for sale in Turkey, It is a 3-hour drive from Pamukkale as well.

158-Year-Old Ottoman Calligraphy Sold For $9,000 At Istanbul Auction

by Property Invest News 12.06.2019

158-year-old Ottoman calligraphy was sold for 55,000 Turkish liras ($9,142 at an auction. It was the highest price so far among auctioned items in Istanbul.

Delicious Turkish Desserts That You Must Try

by Property Invest Blog 10.06.2019

Turkish desserts are well-known around the world, it’s a popular part of Turkish cuisine. In Turkey desserts are meant to be shared; Whether they are taken after a meal or enjoyed along with a cup of tea or Turkish coffee.

Antalya Beach Closed Down For Safety of Loggerhead Turtles

by Property Invest News 08.06.2019

For a very long time The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey are primary breeding grounds and home for loggerhead turtles, also known as Caretta Carettas. The last years are also very important. Since they are facing extinction as their breeding grounds are disturbed, the loggerheads are the top priority of the local authorities and volunteers.

Advantages And Risks In Investing In Turkish Property

by Property Invest Blog 07.06.2019

According to the “Knight Frank International Index”, Turkey is part of the world's largest market for property value growth. Also, Turkey is in second place among the most attractive markets According to” Ernst & Young”.

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Property?

by Property Invest Blog 05.06.2019

The best time to sell depends on the market, and in which area you’re selling in the first place. While most people automatically think that spring is the best time to sell, but that’s not true in some places. Winter buyers tend to be more serious. There is low competition in Fall, and prices for repairs tend to be lower. Summer brings many competitions, but also families who need to move before school starts.

Traditions of Ramadan “Sugar” Feast in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 03.06.2019

Ramadan Feast (Sugar Feast) is an official holiday that lasts for three days in Turkey. Celebrating the Ramadan Feast after a month of fasting is one of the most basic and most important traditions of Islam. The Arabic name of this religious holiday is” Eid ul-Fitr”.” Eid” means feast and “Fitr” means “breaking the fast” It refers to the festivity of the end of the thirty days of fasting in Ramadan.

Top 8 Cities For Buying Property For Foreigners In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 01.06.2019

The number of foreignersmaking property investment in Turkey has multiplied in recent years.

Jordanian royals visit Cappadocia

by Property Invest News 30.05.2019

A delegation of Jordanian royal family members visited Cappadocia.

Education Opportunities In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 30.05.2019

Turkey has been home to the giant empires in history, and today has one of the most interesting history and cultural characters. Turkey has a unique cultural combination because of its unique location over the two continents.

Over 2,500 Roman and Hellenistic era coins seized in central Turkey’s Kayseri

by Property Invest News 28.05.2019

Turkish security forces seized more than 2,500 Roman and Hellenistic-era coins along with several other historical artifacts in an anti-smuggling operation in central Turkey's Kayseri province Tuesday.