Boeing, Turkish Airlines announce order for additional jets

by Property Invest News 01.12.2018

Boeing and Turkish Airlines have announced an order for three 777 Freighters as the flag carrier of Turkey continues to soar on record financial results and double-digit passenger and cargo growth

An Overview Of Foreign Banks In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 06.12.2018

Turkey, as a developing country, is one of the major countries with an increasing amount of foreign capital entry. American, European, and Gulf banks have been interested in the Turkish banking sector for more than twenty years, establishing their own branches or acquiring Turkish banks. Today, more than twenty banks with foreign capital operate in Turkey.

UN's Istanbul event focuses on technology, governance

by Property Invest News 01.12.2018

Istanbul Innovation Days have started on Nov. 27 to gather technology experts, academics and politicians to discuss global trends and innovative approaches impacting governance mechanisms.

In which area should you buy property In Istanbul?

by Property Invest Blog 01.12.2018

Naturally, Turkey is very beautiful.

What are the Terms For Citizenship in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 23.11.2018

How to be a citizen of Turkey! If you live in Turkey you can apply via immigration authority office that is located in the governorate you live in. But if you live abroad, you will need to apply via a consulate.

Istanbul Marathon 2018 : Run from Asia to Europe!

by Property Invest News 01.12.2018

Istanbul Marathon is The one and only marathon in the world that is realized over two continents.