Turkish Citizenship is Simplified by The Turkish Government!

by Property Invest Blog 05.03.2019

According to the Official Gazette dated September 19, 2018; Turkey has reduced the investment limits to encourage foreign investments in Turkey:

Turkish Airlines to engage new Germany-Antalya flights

by Property Invest News 04.03.2019

Turkish Airlines will start direct flights from 2 major German cities to the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya within the approaching months, the corporate aforesaid yesterday.

$1.2B in export deals inked at Istanbul furniture exhibition

by Property Invest News 01.03.2019

The 15th installment of the CNR IMOB International Istanbul furniture exhibition, the world's third-biggest exhibition in its field, achieved to sign $1.2 billion in export contracts.

Is buying property in Turkey a good investment?

by Property Invest Blog 27.02.2019

In recent years, interest in buying property in Turkey has increased for foreign investors.

Turkey's tourism campaign attracts 2.5 million early bookings

by Property Invest News 05.03.2019

Over 2.5 million people have made early bookings thus far, profiting from a campaign initiated in December, declared Cem Polatoğlu, the interpreter for the Platform of Tour Operators.

The International Eurasia book festival in Istanbul

by Property Invest Blog 26.02.2019

As the whole world knows; Istanbul is a transcontinental city that was created naturally, The Bosporus is considered the boundary between Europe and Asia, and Istanbul straddles both sides of it.

Turkey to assemble with social media stars in new promotional campaign

by Property Invest News 23.02.2019

The Culture and Tourism Ministry, as a part of a brand-new promotional campaign to achieve high-spending tourists, will draw attention to Turkey's cultural and archeologic heritage, art and gastronomy, in addition to the country's sea, sun and sand attraction, with the assistance of bloggers and Instagram users with an enormous fan following. The country saw the amount of foreign tourists raised considerably between January and November  2018.

Is Istanbul ideal for Turkish property investment?

by Property Invest Blog 22.02.2019

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city with is currently more than 15 million people.

Turkey produces 1st boron fire extinguisher powder

by Property Invest News 22.02.2019

Turkey has started manufacturing the world's 1st boron extinguisher powder.

Turkey is the dream country for real estate investors

by Property Invest Blog 20.02.2019

Turkey has a strategic location link between Europe and Asia. Turkish economy is ranked 13th among the world’s largest economies.

The Best Places for Winter Tourism in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 19.02.2019

Some of the areas in Turkey still wait for tourists to explore them even in winter season.  Since winter is an off-season, you can enjoy the country at incredibly cheap rates.

Useful Things to Know Before Moving to Turkey

by Property Invest 15.02.2019

Turkey is the only country that connects two continents - Europe and Asia. One of its cities, Istanbul stands with one foot in Europe and the other in Oriental Asia.