5 Facts About Turkey Property Ownership

by Property Invest Blog 05.04.2019

The purchase of real estate in Turkey doesn’t require much effort. Turkish real estate market is changing rapidly, so as an investor you must be aware of the market and its tendencies for future.

First entrepreneur with Down Syndrome: A pacemaker

by Property Invest News 04.04.2019

Mr. Ozan Ulusoy is a 31-year-old business man with a genetic disorder, namely Down Syndrome. As inspiring as can be, his condition never prevented him from achieving his goals.

Property Investment in Turkey: To Rent or To Sell

by Property Invest Blog 03.04.2019

All experts approve that real estate is the best long-term investment to make, and the property investment in Turkey is no exception. Many foreigners have gathered to take advantage of low prices, new building and the potential for capital appreciation.

Turkish Music Culture

by Property Invest Blog 01.04.2019

Turkish people love music. Lyrics and tunes accompanying the music is also of upmost importance. First impressions of Turkey on a visitor makes him/her believe the artistic culture is more European than expected. Actually, oriental heritage definitely shines through the arts, culture, music, and folklore.

Real Estate Investment In Antalya

by Property Invest Blog 31.03.2019

The Antalya region on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has an international name as a popular holiday destination and is an expats` heaven.

Luxurious Ottoman Horse Stable of The Beylerbeyi Palace Renovated

by Property Invest News 29.03.2019

The restoration of the Stable Mansion at the Beylerbeyi Palace compound on the Asian shore of the Bosporus has been completed, and also the web site can presently open as a depository.

Turkey’s Real Estate Market Predictions For 2019

by Property Invest Blog 28.03.2019

Turkish and especially Istanbul real estate market is continuing to grow year by year in very rapid steps; the Turkish construction industry increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.60% during the period of 2009–2017. 2009-2013 at 5.83%, and during the period of 2013–2017 at 8.07 %.

New Train on Turkey's Eastern Express Boosts Tourism

by Property Invest News 27.03.2019

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey declared a new train will start to service for the sole purpose of reaching to eastern Turkey, since Eastern Express train became so popular visitors are having hard time finding tickets.

The Best 6 Cruise Destination In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 26.03.2019

Turkey is not only a popular point for Property Investment, it’s also a popular point for cruise lines. Turkey's strategic location on the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Black Sea, makes it one of the most popular spots for the cruise ships.

Turkish Scientists Established A Temporary Base for Research in Antarctica

by Property Invest News 23.03.2019

As Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank declared, a team of Turkish scientists currently in Antarctica has built a science base on the lowest part of the planet.

The Best Places To Buy Property In Istanbul are...

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

As you know Istanbul is a transcontinental city that is located on Asian and Europen Continents.. Both sides have ancient sites and new development areas as well.

800-year-old Hebrew Book Seized in Diyarbakır City, Southeastern Turkey

by Property Invest News 21.03.2019

The Governor's Office of Diyarbakır declared that Turkish security forces apprehended an 800-year-old Hebrew book in an anti-smuggling operation in southeastern Turkey.