5 Facts About Turkey Property Ownership

The purchase of real estate in Turkey doesn’t require much effort. Turkish real estate market is changing rapidly, so as an investor you must be aware of the market and its tendencies for future.

We believe in the role of real estate firms in providing the essential information for foreigners who are interested in investment in Turkey, that’s why we will highlight some main information about real estate investments in Turkey:


1- It Does Not Require Much Money To Enter The Turkish Real Estate Market.

One of the most popular rumors about Turkey real estate sector especially in the Arab market is that Turkish real estate is expensive, and many people who are interested in real estate investment in turkey think that the cost of entering the market is very high and this is not true. The most important fact is the awareness and understanding of the market well. You can start in real estate investment in Turkey with only $50,000, which provides a good ROI (Return On Investment).


2- Real Estate Firms Don’t Earn A Lot Of Money!

We cannot deny that real estate firms work for money. It is the nature of all businesses, people work to make money! The impression that the real estate companies earn a lot of commissions in Turkey is completely wrong. The average commission earned by firms in Turkey is 3% of the price of the property and they get this commission from the construction company of the project, not from the client.

There are a lot of expenses for real estate companies in the Turkish market, which lowers the profit levels. These expenses include the taxes and other expenses related to the sale regulations and legislation requirements of the location.


3. Not So Fast!

Many beginners in real estate investment in Turkey are looking for very quick profit, which makes them hurry in their decisions and they often end up in an inevitable loss. The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey which provides its investors with a worthy ROI, but the key to success in this sector is time.

Investor’s efforts must first be based on understanding the market and then selecting the best property in terms of region and quality.


4. Real Estate Companies Are Not Similar.

The correct choice of a real estate company to deal with when buying the property in Turkey is essential. Many buyers who had a bad experience with real estate firms think that the quality of all firm’s service is similar and this is definitely not true. It is truly essential to watch out for the trustworthy company which, preferably, built a good reputation for itself in the market or is making you feel confident in their interactions with you throughout the vital information flow processes, by all means.


5- There Is No “Cheap” Luxury Property.

Unfortunately, many people believe that they can find luxurious and cheap property for sale in Turkey. This is not true, especially if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul. What people do not know about cheap apartments are: 1-Most of the cheaper projects are not within residential complexes and 2-Typically there is no transportation available, the quality of infrastructure in these areas is weak and most of them are older buildings.

Last Updated: 4/5/2019 11:41:40 AM