Real Estate Investment In Antalya

The Antalya region on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has an international name as a popular holiday destination and is an expats` heaven.

As of September 2018, Antalya region, including the city center and even small coastal resorts had broken all long-time records to host 9.6 million tourists, with a whopping  29% increase.

Many holidaymakers, attracted by cheap prices of properties, a low cost of living and easygoing lifestyle return to buy homes, either for all year round living, or investment in Turkey.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute, foreign customers purchased 18.959 residential units in Turkey during 2014, up 55.6% over 2013’s 12.181 transactions. Last year, Antalya was the first preferred location for 34.5% of the foreign investors acquiring property in the country.



Reasons to invest in property in the Antalya region:


A Well-known Real Estate Market with Lots of Choices

Even though real estate in Antalya starts at affordable rates, don’t assume the market only attracts budget buyers, Antalya also provides for luxury buyers, who want the best of classy living.

While the city center can boast of luxury property for sale in Turkey, places like the small coastal resort on suburbs offer attractive budget apartments for holidays or a buy-to-let income, like Alanya, Kemer and Kalkan. Buyers really do have a great chance to find exactly the property they are looking for.


Antalya's Projects for the Future

The modernization and performance of the airport have boosted it to the third rank amongst most widely used airports in the country.

Turkey has also submitted a proposal to host the 2024 Euro Football championships, and if successful, the new stadium that opened in 2015 will be the host location. High-speed train networks will link it with other football stadiums around Turkey.


Multicultural City

Antalya is an extremely multicultural city. It accommodates many cultures from Europeans, to Middle Eastern nationals. Each nationality shines through in daily life as seen in the variety of restaurants, shops, themed bars and businesses, as well as a variety of languages spoken by foreigners and local Turkish people. Foreign property buyers find it easy to settle in daily life in Antalya.


The Golf Capital of Turkey

In 2012, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Turkish golf federation and Turkish Airlines embarked on a advertising campaign highlighting the Antalya district of Belek as the golfing capital of Turkey.

On 2015, the golf courses of Belek were the spot for numerous global championships and the KMPG golfing industry knowledge databank rated Turkey as a rising star. However, the property prices have remained low.


The Weather

In Antalya, it is possible to walk around in and enjoy the sun in February. While a blanket of snow and rain descends on the other cities in Turkey, Antalya property owners are swimming in the sea, enjoying the sun and sitting outside. Antalya encourages outdoor living all year.

The property for sale in Turkey especially in Antalya are cheap, affordable, and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to own your dream house either for living in or for investment in Turkey.

Last Updated: 3/31/2019 1:08:16 PM