The Best Places To Buy Property In Istanbul are...

As you know Istanbul is a transcontinental city that is located on Asian and Europen Continents.. Both sides have ancient sites and new development areas as well.

Istanbul hosts the largest number of foreigners and immigrants. Despite the diversity of nationalities and different religions and cultures, everyone lives in peace and harmony.

For many foreigners who are looking for property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul real estate market is the top “creme dé la creme” of the property markets. Property increased in value by more than 40 percent over a five years.

However, with thousands of homes for sale, and with so many neighborhoods on the Asian and European continents, where does a buyer start to look? Here are suggestions of the most popular areas to buy apartment for sale in Istanbul.


Esenyurt: The New International Istanbul Airport

This district attracts different people because of its proximity to the third international airport, one of the largest in the world. Properties are also having a good price, which is ideal for real estate investment in Turkey. Plans for a new metro-line will provide faster access to other parts of the city. Within the last four years, property prices have raised up 150% from 800TL per square meter in 2012 to an incredible 4.000TL in 2016.



Developers are now observing the Bağcılar district as one 'to do up' in the next five years. the area is home to some of Turkey's largest media companies.



On the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kadıköy province is a mix of student accommodation, fantastic markets, and a prosperous street bazaar. It has everything from shopping malls to Turkey's biggest fish market and the city's central transportation hub.


Beylikdüzü has become one of the most popularly searched for areas for foreign investors, with over 10,000 properties sold last year and new infrastructure such as new metro line. Beylikdüzü offers plenty of homes for budgets starts from 235.000TL.



Mentioned as one of the most exciting regions, Arnavutköy offers closeness to connecting roads to the new airport and bridges.


Ataşehir: is a business area close to Kadıköy, located on the Asian side of Istanbul.


Kartal: is situated on the Asian side of the city, between the districts of Maltepe and Pendik. Despite being far from the center, the location of Kartal is suitable, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is just 15 minutes away, and there is a train connects between the other districts.


Bomonti Şişli: Central location and excellent links to the rest of the city, including access to nearby motorways and public transportation, half an hour to Taksim Square by walking, New projects being built in the area provides numerous benefits for new investors in Istanbul.


Bahçelievler:One of the most popular new areas in Istanbul, 15 minutes to the Ataturk Airport, with easy access by public transportation.


Küçükçekmeсe: New development area with sea views and good prices, situated very close to the airport, schools and universities are located in its vicinity.

Last Updated: 4/9/2019 11:22:11 AM