Turkish Street Food Culture

Similar to many cities in the world, Turkey has a rich street food culture. In Istanbul especially, eating on the street is a part of daily life.

Cheap, quick food for everyone at any time. These dishes have been around for centuries. We recommend if you travel to any propose or for investment in Turkey, do not pass up this opportunity to try this national street food.



The main breakfast, it’s a round pastry covered totally in sesame seeds. Simit has become an icon in terms of Turkish street food.



More of a snack than a meal, it is mussels on the half shell, mixed with spicy rice and served with a squeeze of lemon juice. and the vendor will continue handing you a new one with a spritz of lemon until you say stop.



This supercharged baked potato called by the name” kumpir”in Turkey, with all the toppings offered like kashkaval cheese, sauces, corn, mayonnaise, salad, carrots, yogurt, black and green olives, the choices are endless depending on personal preference. Ortaköy on the european Bosphorus coast is the most popular area in the city to eat kumpir.



Ever thought you would eat chicken and rice on a street corner?  in Istanbul, that can be a lunch for a big number of people. In fact it’s fast, cheap, hot and filling. This dish of chicken and rice may be simple in its ingredients, but great in taste.  It’s easy to find it sold in glass covered mobile carts around town.



Balık-Ekmek means “fish sandwich”. it’s grilled fish stuffed in a fresh baguette with plenty of onions, tomatoes, salad, and spices. which provides a healthy light meal. It is popular street food from Istanbul, especially in the “Eminönü” neighborhood. Make sure to get it off of a docked rocking fish-restaurant-boat, since they are known to have the freshest catch.




A delicious “wrap” as a midday meal or a late night snack after an evening outing. Chicken and beef are common options, with some grilled peppers and tomatoes. As a street food, the best “döner” is inside a “dürüm”, which means the slices of meat or chicken from the rotating meat are rolled up in”lavash”bread and filled with salad and sometimes served with melted kashkaval cheese.


Kestane and Mısır

Some of the healthier options in the winter time, “Kestane” being “roasted chestnuts” are one of the most popular street foods and certainly one of the most warming. Also “Mısır” as corn on the cob that’s either been boiled or roasted is a delicious snack.


Çiğ köfte

(chee kofte) is known as raw meatball, but it is generally made of cracked wheat mixed with raw meat-sometimes-and tomato paste rather than actual raw meat. Served with lettuce and lemon juice. it’s spicy, delicious and suits vegetarians.


Islak hamburger

Which means “wet burger”. it’s a burger with lots of sauce steamed for hours. It’s a soft and delicious.


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