E-Bikes Placed at Istanbul’s Public Transportation Stations

Energy-producing bicycles are placed at some public transportation stations in Istanbul by the Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (IETT) to draw attention to renewable energy production while promoting a healthier mode.

The General Directorate's project redesigned unused bikes in order that the physical energy of a person pedaling is transformed into electrical energy which can be used by the biker to charge a portable phone.

The renewed bikes are placed in 3 locations on Istanbul's European side – Mecidiyeköy, Beylikdüzü Metrobüs stations, and within the historical Karaköy Tunnel-Metro Line that links Karaköy to Istiklal Avenue.

The board plans to extend the number of e-bikes and make them available at each station.

Generating energy through or at mass transit routes and stops isn't a new thought for Istanbul. Last year, a new project was introduced to supply energy from speeding buses. Authorities have proclaimed that the city's 50-kilometer-long bus mass rapid transit (BRT) route, referred to as the Metrobüs, might soon generate enough power to supply the energy enough for a little district, due to the speed of the buses. A system put in at the Topkapı Metrobüs stop has performed productive results by generating power from the wind generated by the buses speeding through. The plan is to put 300 wind turbines for the 1-kilometer-long stop. Calculations show that the 45-stop Metrobüs line has the potential to come up with electricity for an incredible 20,000 households.

Turkey revised its renewable energy target for 2023 last year, prescribing extra steps to extend the share of clean electricity production from 31 % to over 50 % by 2023.

In May 2018, Turkey's energy watchdog the Energy Market Regulatory Agency (EMRA) declared that the installed electricity capability accumulated by 181 % from 32,000 megawatts (MW) over the last fifteen years up to 90,000 MW. The share of renewable electricity capability out of total installed capability reached 46 % in May whereas renewable power generation was around 30 %.

Renewable electricity production reached 31 % in August 2018, Turkish authorities took the required steps to revise the renewable energy target for 2023.

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