Top 8 Locations To Visit In Turkey In Spring

While the weather is getting hotter, we are about making plans for the spring. So, what are the best locations to visit in the springtime? Here are top 8 locations that you should definitely visit in Turkey during the spring season:

1-Ayvalık, Balıkesir                                                                                               

With its small streets and stone houses, Ayvalık is one of the important holiday destination and a must to go destination in the springtime. The most important places to visit in Ayavalık are: Lale Island, Cunda Island, Patrice and Yumurta Island.

2-Datça, Muğla

The sea can be little cold for the period of the spring, but when you visit Datça you will enjoy beautiful beaches, green nature and peaceful weather. Don’t forget to visit Knidos and Old Datça, once you are there. You can also travel to Marmaris, which is located one-hour drive away from Datça.

3-Adatepe, Çanakkale

Adatepe is a village located in Mountain Ida in Çanakkale, which extends through the Edremit Gulf in Northern Aegean Region. The oxygen level is noticeably high here. Adatepe with Cobblestone pavements and stone houses is really a great destination to run away from the city’s stress. Don’t forget to visit Adatepe Olive Oil Museum.

4-Princess Islands, Istanbul

If you prefer to stay in İstanbul and don’t want to travel a long distance, the Princess Islands may be the perfect option. You can easily visit the Princess Islands by ferry boat. Islands have a unique atmosphere, a day trip or for a couple of days. You can rent a bike and ride around the island, which become green in the springtime. Also princess islands have some apartments with fantastic sea views for sale in Istanbul.

5-Göynük, Bolu

Having a history dates back to the 8th century B.C., and has hosted great civilizations such as Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Göynük is a close destination to Bursa, Ankara and İstanbul and you can spend time there with joy and excitement. You should visit places like: Sünnet Lake and Çubuk Lake, the tomb of Akşemsuddin the famous teacher of Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmed “The Conqueror of Istanbul”when you are there.

6-Safranbolu, Karabük

It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It has hosted great empires, as it is located on the Silk Road. if you visit Safranbolu, which is well-known for its original mansions and historical atmosphere, you should visit Bulak Mencilis Cave, Crystal Terrace, and Tokatlı Kanyon. Remember to taste “Piran” while in Kastamonu, a special meat dish prepared with whole lamb baked in wood fired underground pitches.

7-Şirince, İzmir

 Şirince, is a village of İzmir’s Selçuk District. Şirince, with its elegances and original atmosphere, is a must see location in springtime.

8-Trilye, Bursa

It’s an old Greek village located in Mudanya District of Bursa Province that became recently a popular destination for investment in Turkey. Throughout the earliest years of the republic, Greeks and Turks used to live together in this village. Since then, the village has the same atmosphere which has not changed. With its inspiring coastline and churches.

Last Updated: 3/6/2019 5:36:28 PM