Turkish Citizenship is Simplified by The Turkish Government!

According to the Official Gazette dated September 19, 2018; Turkey has reduced the investment limits to encourage foreign investments in Turkey:

  • Lower limit of fixed capital investments reduced to $500.000 from $2.000.000.
  • Worth of the Property Invested in Turkey reduced to $250,000 from $1.000.000.
  • The minimum deposit required  in Turkish Banks reduced to $500,000 from $3 million.
  • Duration to hold undiversified government-issued bonds worth a minimum of $500,000 is now three years!
  • The minimum duration to hold the real estate investment fund shares and/or venture capital investment fund shares is now three years.
  • The number of jobs to be generated by the foreign employers reduced to 50 from 100.

Turkish Citizenship by Notarized Property Purchase Commitment:

According to the new chapter added to the regulations to get Turkish citizenship on 07.12.2018:

  • The amount for notarized Property Investment commitment is $250.000.
  • The notarized commitment to Property Investment contract will dictate the payment to be made in cash.
  • The notarized commitment to Property Investment contract will not be transferred or abandoned for three years.
  • Foreigners may  choose to invest in ongoing projects which are yet under construction.

Other Means to Obtain Turkish Citizenship are:

  • Being born to foreign parents in Turkey if the child is not able to obtain the citizenship of the parents’ homeland.
  • Being adopted as a child by a Turkish citizen.
  • Having a minimum of five years of uninterrupted residency in Turkey.
  • Conforming with the actions taken per the decision made to settle in Turkey.
  • Being free of dangerous diseases.
  • Having good character with moral values, speak a reasonable level of Turkish, have adequate earnings to support themselves and their dependents, or having a good job.   
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