Turkey is the dream country for real estate investors

Turkey has a strategic location link between Europe and Asia. Turkish economy is ranked 13th among the world’s largest economies.

In recent years, foreign investment in Turkey has taken hold of the property market. This has led to increasingly developed infrastructure. Property prices in Turkey remain low compared to other European countries, even with the high levels of foreign investment. This makes the Turkish property market an ideal investment opportunity.

Turkey’s law is based on the principle of equal treatment, allowing international investors to have the same rights and liabilities as local investors. Because of this, Turkey has become the home for more than 33,000 companies opened by foreign citizens.

One of the important reasons for the ease of investment in Turkey is the reduced taxes; Corporate Income Tax has reduced to 22% from 35%.

Property prices in Turkey: Investment costs are lower compared to Europe, there is a big difference in terms of costs. Prices of property for sale in Turkey can vary to extremes. The more convenient the location and the newer the building, the higher the property price will be.

Strong rental demands

if you would like to make an investment in Turkey with a guaranteed high return; it becomes clear very quickly that investing in property especially Istanbul real estate is an excellent choice. Rental demand on properties in Istanbul and along the coast is booming. The potential profits have catched investors in and many are now enjoying the benefits of extremely healthy returns. Real estate prices in Turkey rise by an average of 18% per year.

What makes Turkey so interesting for you to invest in real estate?

Firstly, Turkey is a giant tourist magnet: each year millions and millions of tourists visit Turkey and thousands of them buy a property for sale in Turkey; for which of course are also some good reasons:


1-The strong population growth and the interest from abroad provide a constant and high demand for housing in Turkey.

2-Affordable living: Life in Turkey is easy for foreigners. Utilities, groceries, eating out and getting about is all remarkably cheap. All these have led them for investment in Turkey.

3-Since 1996 Turkey has been a member of Customs Union with the European Union and a candidate member of the European Union since 1999.

4-Turkey has a very liberal investment climate, including free international movement of capital, profits, dividends and salaries, free-trade zones and subsidies.

5-You can easily get citizenship in Turkey by investing or buying property worth 250.000 $.

6-A large labor force at relatively low cost.

7-Large domestic market with 85 million consumers.

8-A modern infrastructure.

9-A Prominent European holiday destination.

10-The World Trade Organization considers Turkey one of the most dynamic countries in the world:

  • It has a dynamic, hard-working population.
  • There is a huge demand for rental property.
  • Its unique geography allows different construction opportunities.
  • It has a strong local economy.
  • Travel links are excellent.
Last Updated: 2/20/2019 4:28:23 PM