The Best Places for Winter Tourism in Turkey

Some of the areas in Turkey still wait for tourists to explore them even in winter season.  Since winter is an off-season, you can enjoy the country at incredibly cheap rates.

Hotels are discounted and there are cracking deals on Turkey winters tours and activities. So, what should be in your list if you decide to come to Turkey between November and April?


1- Uludağ Ski Resort

Uludağ is the best place for winter sports. It comes at the forefront of winter tourism places in Turkey and offers the possibility of skiing over four months of the year. It is located just 32 km in south of Bursa. Tourists can do snowboard, enjoy watching practitioners of the sport or touring with ice vehicle. Also Bursa is one of most desired areas for foreigners to look for a property for sale in Turkey.


2- The Frozen Lake Çıldır:

Lake Çıldır is almost totally covered by ice during winter months. The lake is situated 1,959 meters above sea level and located in the far north eastern corner of Turkey, in Ardahan. A unique way to enjoy the lake is to take a tour on a “troika”. It is a traditional Russian sleigh.


3- Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the best winter destinations in Turkey. Due to prehistoric volcanic eruptions, the soft Tufa rocks have formed shapes of their own. All activities in the region are active in winter, including air balloon rides. You can explore Cappadocia’s fairy-chimney rock formations coated by a soft blanket of snow, during the winter months. Check out the medieval rock churches and open-air museums, explore the underground cities. You could also visit Mount Erciyes near Cappadocia, one of the most popular skiing destinations of Turkey. There are many opportunities to buy a good property in Cappadocia and start your investment in Turkey.



4- Kartal Kaya:

Kartalkaya is one of the most important ski centers in Turkey which is located in the west of Black Sea, southeast of the city of Bolu on Köroğlu Mountains. It’s nice to go to this place and enjoy skiing all day.


5- Lake Abant:

Lake Abant is located 34 km southwest of the city of Bolu, where the freshwater lake rises 1328 meters above sea level. Characterized by the beaches of the lake with the picturesque landscape so that the tourists can spend a lovely time and enjoy catching the fish.


 6- Palandoken

 Turkey’s highest peak and the most professional ski center. Located in Erzurum in the eastern Anatolia region. Rising star of recent years, the location is known for national and international winter sports competitions.


 7-Hot Springs in Yalova

It attracts visitors from around the world and Turkey. A large complex of baths, hotels and museum, it is the best place to spend a healthy winter. Yalova property market became recently very active in Istanbul real estate market.


8- Kartepe

Kartepe is located on the top of a mountain with a height of 1650 meters in Izmit Province. About one hour and a quarter away from Istanbul, there is a ski center which attracts those who need a short vacation during weekends.



Last Updated: 2/19/2019 12:21:43 AM