Types of tourism in turkey

Turkey is the center of many activities and holiday options and the world’s 6th most popular tourist destination.

Travelling is always a health activity both to enjoy yourself, and move off away from the place you live for a while. People have many different reasons for travelling. Some people travel for work, some for pleasure. It changes your energy, your state of mind and your point of view towards the world and people. There is something therapeutic about travelling.


There are different types of tourism you can choose. Some of them are:

1- Health and medical tourism

Health tourism is a rapidly developing field in Turkey. Hospitals provide medical care in many branches and welcome patients from all over the world. Turkey, well known for its skillful doctors and application of newest treatment methods, especially in fields like; hair transplant, dental implant and esthetic surgeries. Turkey is the place where you can find better opportunities of health care and spend your holiday at the same time.


2- Honeymoon

Turkey, which offers unique natural wonders in every location, is the ideal spot for a memorable and romantic honeymoon. As a tourist destination with fascinating beaches in the south, Turkey offers everything to newlywed couples that will make their holiday unforgettable.


3- Summer Holiday

Many tourists spend their holidays on beaches. Turkey has four seas: Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and Black Sea. So there is no surprise that Turkey has the most beautiful beaches with a shiny sun and clean water. You can enjoy your summer holiday almost in any city in Turkey, especially in those that are in Mediterranean and Aegean regions.

4- Winter Tourism

There are many famous winter sports and ski resorts in Turkey: For example, Uludağ in Bursa, Kartalkaya in Bolu and Kartepe in Izmit. Also you can explore Cappadocia’s fairy-chimney rock formations coated by a soft blanket of snow, during the winter months and try air balloon rides.


5- Cultural Tourism

Turkey offers a wide range of different kinds of attractions to travelers, from the historical places and religious sites to the modern museums and art galleries. Istanbul is the most powerful place for culture tourism. You can easily come across cultural heritages of Istanbul in daily life on streets. The city is a living cultural area with modern art museums, galleries, street performers, concert areas, films, dance performances and also with variety of festivals, as well as the places of worship such as churches and mosques, synagogues. Istanbul became a cosmopolitan city throughout the history.


6- Sport Tourism

Golf facilities are among the most advanced sports facilities in Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean region. Various courses located in Belek, Bodrum and Istanbul, enable visitors to engage in enjoyable activities during their holiday. Turkey is the right choice for golf devotees who want to enjoy their vacation playing golf. Also most of the European sport clubs have their preseason training periods in Turkey of their own sport branch.


7- Business and Congress Tourism

Due to its location near to European, African and Asian countries and Russia, Turkey is the capital of international congresses and conventions. Especially major provinces such as Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Bursa, Ankara offer an extensive range of hotels that provide excellent service in this kind of organizations. Meeting participants can attend conferences and strengthen connections, at the same time take a break and enjoy themselves. Furthermore, many people come for trading and investment in Turkey or looking for property for sale in Turkey.

Last Updated: 2/13/2019 3:35:07 PM