"Beginner's Guide" to Investment in Istanbul Property

Buying a property for sale in turkey can be an attractive decision. To help you navigate the investment in turkey process, this guide to investing provides you with everything you need when starting out in property investment in turkey. Especially in a vast city over two continents like Istanbul.

Why Invest in Istanbul Property?     

The value of Istanbul real estate will grow over time and may be extremely beneficial financially if well chosen. Not only you will benefit from steady capital growth, but also you will gain regular monthly rental returns.        

Researching the Market

Istanbul is a huge city, with over more than 15 million people living in neighborhoods that run the variety and you will find numerous apartments for sale in Istanbul; it’s difficult to know where to start.

Location: Firstly, you need to decide on a location, once you know where you want to buy a property in Istanbul, finding the ideal property for you is easy. If you are unsure you need to visit few areas until you feel comfortable and attractive for you. A starting place is: do you want a beach, city or suburb location? And go from there.

If the location is chosen correctly, the chance of gaining higher returns from your investment is far greater than if the location is not desirable and suitable for those who are looking to live close to amenities. Factors to consider are:


Public transportation

Shops and markets

Lifestyle activities



Another factor is your budget; you need to be realistic about what you can afford, there is no point looking at luxury villas if you only have the funds for an apartment for sale in Istanbul. Look at the prices and make sure you have your funds available and ready to go.


Agents & Consulting Firms

Find a professional and reputable agent who deals with Istanbul real estate. These agents know what they are talking about and will only work with efficient developers. A good agent will take away the subject of which area is good and they will recommend various property options for you. Give as much information as possible to your agent and let them do their job for you.


Keep your options open

While it seems obvious that only a visit can really do a property justice, a number of people do fall in love with pictures, but later they are disappointed when their expectations fall. Keep an open mind when it comes to buying property for sale in Turkey, and view a variety of homes.


It’s not compulsory to have a lawyer but it’s a good idea

Lawyer will check your future property is legally built and has all its permissions, and that no money is owing on it. will make sure everything’s aboveboard, they will protect your investment in Turkey and they’ll keep you up-to-speed on the buying process.


Choosing a Property Manager

A property manager can play a vital role in the rental process of an investment property. They will seek to maximize weekly rental income and source high quality tenants who will best take care of your asset.


Take action: Now you know the basics, it’s time to put your plans into action.

Last Updated: 3/21/2019 1:34:26 PM