Geographical Regions of Turkey and Their Features

Turkey is a Eurasian country that occupies a unique geographic place. Asian Turkey, which includes 97% of the country, European Turkey comprises 3% of the country.

Due to its location, Turkey is at the meeting point of three different climatic zones. If you look for investment in Turkey, you should know Turkey’s different regions’ climates.

Turkey is the world's 37th largest country in terms of area, divided into seven geographical regions, which are, in order of size:

1-Eastern Anatolia Region:

The largest and highest region in Turkey. It possesses different natural characteristics, it has both of Mount Ararat which is the highest peak and Lake Van which is the largest lake in Turkey. Also, there are many economical real estates for sale in Eastern Anatolia compared to Istanbul real estate.

  • The cheapest cost of living
  • Lowest annual temperature and coldest winters.
  • Highest mineral resources
  • Smallest population

2-Central Anatolia Region:

It is the geographical center as well as the strategic center; and Ankara the capital of Turkey is set in the heart of this region. It is also a historical center possessing historical treasures dating back to early ages. The region has one of the largest salt lakes in Turkey.

  • Cost of living is not expensive
  • Lowest annual precipitation
  • Hot summer, cold and snowy winter.

You can also find beautiful and cheap houses for sale in central Anatolia compared to property for sale in Turkey.

 3-Black Sea Region:

The Black Sea region has steeps, rocky coasts with large rivers. Its dense forests covering the mountains, this region forms a green world where wide valleys and rivers run.

  • highest annual precipitation
  • largest forest area
  • Rainy and snowy cold winter, warm wet summer
  • Cost of living is cheap

 4-Mediterranean Region:

Here, there are several resorts with nice and attractive beaches which provides the three ingredients of an ideal summer holiday: sun, sea, and sand. Many foreigners like investment in Turkey in Mediterranean region, especially in Antalya.

  • Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters
  • Snow is very rare.
  • Cost of living is very convenient.

 5-Aegean Region:

The Aegean region has a fertile soil; it contains about half of the country's richest farmlands. It has also many important centers of tourism which are known both for their historic monuments and for the beauty of their beaches. Lots of foreigners live and buy houses in this region such as Bodrum and Fethiye.

  •  Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Snow is rare
  • The longest coastline
  •  Cost of living is convenient

 6-Marmara Region:

It covers the entire European part of Turkey. Possessing the important geographic area, that divides the country into two parts, that combines the continents of Europe and Asia. The biggest city Istanbul is located in Marmara region where you can find good opportunities to buy an apartment for sale in Istanbul.

  • The smallest region of Turkey after the Southeast Anatolia region, but it has the highest population density.
  • Snow does occur almost every winter, but it usually lies no more than a few days.
  • Most climate diversity, warm to hot, moderately summers and cool to cold, wet winters.
  • Cost of living is affordable.

7-Southeastern Anatolia Region:

The Southeastern Anatolia region is notable for the uniformity of its landscape. It forms the smallest part of Turkey. The region offers very different leisure opportunities, like caving, it will be an adventure to visit this region of mountain cities and to get lost in its historical beauties.

  • Winters are bitterly cold with frequent, heavy snowfall, hottest and driest summers.
  • Smallest forest area.
  • Most sunshine hours.
  • Cost of living is cheap.


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