The Third Airport Project Keeps on Raising Prices of Properties in Istanbul

Istanbul's Third Airport, which will be the largest airport in the World when it is completed, affects the prices of the real estates, lands, and residential units in the surrounding area.

Their prices continue to rise. Turkish authorities are improving the transportation routes leading to Istanbul’s third airport and that greatly contributes to developing zones close to the new Istanbul airport.

Under these circumstances, it is expected to witness an important rise in property prices in these areas. Let’s take a glance at the most strategic areas for the third Istanbul airport:

Experts say that some central districts will gain more importance, pushing the prices of the properties up greatly. The strategic location of these districts for the airport will encourage the airline companies and institutions to take it as a center to host the staff and pilots.

Other Districts that Will Benefit from the New Airport of Istanbul

Istanbul’s third airport will change nearby zones into a center for new investments of all kind; attracting real estate investors and contractors from around the world.

Property experts are hopeful that Istanbul’s new airport and the respective metro, which will connect the new airport to the biggest centers of the city, will be raising the prices of Istanbul real estate. They expect that some districts that will be connected to the airport and to important city centers by metro, affected most substantially.

Moreover, experts estimate that some of closer districts to new airport are going to be important centers for the construction companies willing to set up property and commercial projects to meet the needs that will arise. This is attributed to the increased claim by the employees and workers at the new airport. Another reason is that these corporations will need offices to practice their activities in the proximity of the airport

Last Updated: 1/22/2019 5:22:25 PM