Real Estate Prices In İstanbul

In recent periods, great interest by investors in a number of Istanbul investment areas was observed. In a quick comparison between Istanbul and other major cities around the world.

The price per square meter of top-class A estates is about $ 40-50 thousand, real estate prices in Istanbul range from $1.000 to $ 20,000 per square meter in similar projects, and experts predict that these prices will increase in the future.

Prices change depending on many factors such as the location of the house; whether it is on the European or Asian side of the city. Even within the same region on the European side there can be volatile price changes.

The prestigious projects in Istanbul compete with their counterparts in the world in many aspects: Such as materials used in construction, interior decoration, and the natural environment of gardens, green spaces, and water.

Particularly after the decision to stop dealing in foreign currencies in the field of buying and selling properties…

Property Investment in Istanbul

There are many types of investment in Istanbul such as industrial, agricultural, food, health and financial health. But it is obvious that real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most growing and vibrant sectors of the economy recently.

Options for those wishing to invest in Istanbul but not in real estates are highly variable and prices are volatile due to the above-mentioned reasons.

If your budget is limited, you can search for cheap apartments in Istanbul and you can find your demand in varying areas in Istanbul.

Especially some areas offer homes with high specifications and relatively low prices. In a vast city like Istanbul, transport has a direct effect on the prices of surrounding homes too. For instance, villas in high-rise residential complexes or apartments near metro stations will be more expensive.

Last Updated: 1/17/2019 12:16:06 PM