How to Avoid Buying Inappropriate Properties in Turkey

Turkey have highlighted necessary precautions to ensure that your real estate in Turkey has all its relevant deeds and permissions before a sale goes ahead.

If you buy a property inappropriately, you do not only risk the chance that it will be demolished but you will also not be able to sell it again. If you buy an inappropriate property, you will not be entitled to title deeds (TAPU); the freehold title for property.

How to avoid purchasing illegal properties in Turkey

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you do not become a victim.

1. Find a qualified agent

A qualified agent is expert to able to offer you all the services you need for all steps such as before, during and after in purchasing real estate.  Some of the services are mentioned below.

Before purchasing;

Searching for your property and negotiating with sellers.

During purchasing;

Title deed, transfer, opening a bank account, acquiring a tax number.

After purchasing;

The act of moving to your new property, furnishing and decorating your new house.

Also, qualified agents have own sworn translators, lawyers and notaries to make all transactions agree with the law and in confidence.

Last Updated: 1/9/2019 2:50:34 PM