4 Factors Which Attract Foreigners to Invest in Turkey

With its strategic location between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, along with many other factors, Turkey is to be noted as one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors.

Here are four reasons for foreigners to invest in Turkey;

Cost of Housing and Living:

Living in Turkey is cheaper than living in Europe or in USA. Except for certain cases and locations, the cost of living and housing is almost cheaper than the other countries.

Turkey's Demography:

The demographic characteristic of Turkey and the rise of the population make it an attractive country for investments. These characteristics qualify the Turkish economy as one with great potential for continuous growth in the coming years. In the last twenty years, the population in Turkey has risen an annual of 1.5%. This is especially remarkable at a time when the population in European countries is declining.

Bond and Capital Investments:

Bond investors who pay attention to the stable monetary category and prefer to buy high-revenue bonds in Turkey should examine the central bank carefully.

There are high-revenue bonds compared to European and Western world bonds.

A range of stocks are available for capital investors who care about corporate earnings, and don’t want to be exposed to political threats in any form. Foreign direct investment and property investors who care about long-term stability have also a range of alternatives.

Super incentives:

With the Super Incentives, a responsive incentive system has been initiated. With this model, a specific incentive system unique to each investment project bring was brought forward in order to support investments and development.

The program premeditated a project-based support that will enable a flexible and customized incentive mechanism for qualified investments. Quality of an investment will be fixed based on whether these investments meet the existing or future requirements of Turkey. These requirements are coupled to the goals set in the development plans and annual programs and/or whether they could give continued supply, reduce dependence on foreign sources, achieve technologic transition and add value as well as being R&D focused.

Finally, although it is a detailed article subject on its own, one of the most important factors is that investors and real estate buyers who meet certain conditions can easily apply for a citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey

Last Updated: 4/17/2019 11:05:31 PM