An Overview Evaluation For Property Prices and Getting Citizenship In Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become attractive to foreign investors.

Istanbul Property Prices


Prices change region-based in Istanbul, the most popular city in Turkey. These differences are clearly seen in the published real estate advertisements. Real estate consultancy companies make presentations in foreign languages in English and Arabic mainly, for foreign investors to give convenience while investing in Turkey.


In Istanbul, the appropirate and wise way to purchase a real estate would be through real estate investment companies. Especially people who want acquire Turkish citizenship, and who needs answers to various questions on this subject. In this context, our company will be pleased to answer any questions and find solutions to your problems.   


How to Get Citizenship In Turkey


There are some investment methods for citizenship such as;


You can buy properties worth of 250.000 USD  with a deed restriction not to sell for 3 years, or deposit 500.000 USD cash in Turkish banks with a condition not to withdraw for 3 years. Another way is to make 500.000 USD fixed-asset investment or hire 50 employees in your company.


If you are a person living abroad, you can make this appeal to the Turkish consulate. However, you can make your process of consultation with the Governor's office in your area you live in Turkey.


Benefits of Turkish Citizenship


You can enter Turkey without a visa and live in Turkey without needing a residence permit. And you can work in any job you want without needing a work permit.


Reasons mentioned above are the first advantages of citizenship that come to mind. Of course, you will have more benefits. For example, you can vote in local and national elections and have a business without the requirements applied on foreigners.


In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a major global influence in investment, businesstourism and expat livingSo naturally, lots of foreigners are moving to the country or setting up businesses, and get Turkish citizenship to enjoy the same benefits as a citizen of Turkey.

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