Istanbul Marathon 2018 : Run from Asia to Europe!

Istanbul Marathon is The one and only marathon in the world that is realized over two continents.

As the whole world knows; Istanbul is a transcontinental city that was created naturally, The Bosphorus is considered to be the boundary between Europe and Asia, and Istanbul connects both sides of it.  Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city and the merge point of east meeting west.

This marathon used to be organized since 1979 and was the first race in history which run between any two continents.

This year in 2018, Istanbul celebrated the 40th marathon, the joy of diversity, friendship and sport with over than 135.000 runners from more than 100 countries. The event featured a 42 kilometer marathon, It was also included a race for wheelchair-bound participants.

Under the slogan “Run Istanbul for a Healthy Future” the marathon has started from Asian side of the city, where you can experience the modern face of Istanbul. Passing through the fascinating Bosphorus view on Bosphorus Bridge to reach the European side of Istanbul where the historical part and old city stands. After crossing Ortaköy and Beşiktaş where you can find an outstanding sea view, marathon reached to the old city passing through the Golden Horn by Galata Bridge that offers a different panorama. The race passed by Gülhane Park, one of the most beautiful and old parks of Istanbul. After that, reached on the heart of the Ottoman city, Sultanahmet, where you can find the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia that was a Byzantium church before it was a mosque in Ottoman Empire age. After that it has been known as a museum since the Republic time. And finally the race ended in Sultanahmet. Through 6 hours over 42 km around one of the largest cities over two continents crossing by three bridges and two seas the Istanbul marathon took place. Here is the civilization, the west and the east, the diversity, the multiple culture, the cosmopolitan city, here is Istanbul, where the continents met for 40th time.

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