Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Turkey offers the most favorable conditions for those who want to be a Turkish citizen. With the regulation realized on 19.09.2018, those who want to become Turkish citizens can apply for citizenship if they buy property by investing 250.000 USD.

Turkey is one of the most profitable locations for real estate investments, with it's growing population and living standards. In particular, comprise a high exchange rate against USD and EUR, facilitating foreign investment to Turkey, to convert a considerable advantage. It is very important that doing research of property for sale in Turkey, in a healthy manner and meticulous.


Professional Support Is A Must


In Turkey, the healthiest steps to be taken to make an effective investment and to gain citizenship is to work with professionals who compete in this subject. Experienced experts in the field, who will test you and your investment with the right option is the most effective solution to eliminate the risks you will take. As an effective solution partner,, which has international experience and references on this subject, will make you profitable in your investments.

n the property sector, with investments in Turkey and in foreign markets, providing solutions to common benefits over the years, a partnership is an important detail that will not mislead you in line with your expectations.

Don't Limit Yourself


Even if the economic fluctuations experienced in Turkey, real estate comes at the top of investment options that are risk-free. As the life expectancy and need for comfort in the country increase, the real estate sector constantly develops itself to produce competitive solutions to meet the needs. That's why new areas of reconstruction, satellite city models, reserve areas in a continuous update.

Istanbul is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to investing in a wide range of markets. It is a city with a population exceeding 15 million and transformation is experiencing very fast.

Of course, Istanbul has a very active real estate market as a result but do not limit yourself to Istanbul in investments in Turkey. There may be thousands of opportunities waiting for you in other cities where the market is still alive and even a virgin and which are expected to make big gains.

So focusing on Istanbul and Turkey as two separate titles, you can make huge gains in the short and long term. If you need guidance on how to make an investment in Turkey, we are ready to help you with everything. Please visit our website,

Last Updated: 4/9/2019 11:13:03 AM