Who Can Buy Property From Turkey?

There are many options for foreigners who want to buy a house, land, or workplace.

There are many options for foreigners who want to buy a house, land, or workplace.  It will be a worthwhile investment to get services from a real estate consultancy company which has an experienced team in order to ensure safe and economical acquisitions. Working with Istanbul real estate companies that prioritize the interests and expectations of its customers is a prerequisite for making the right decision and completing the legal procedures.

What Does Consulting Service Include?


People want to get reliable advice when they consider buying real estate in a foreign country. This can be attributed to the complex and unique laws and procedures of the foreign country. These legal processes and procedures are performed by real estate consultancy firms on behalf of those who want to buy property for sale in Turkey.

This service is not just a series of legal proceedings. Location and characteristics of the real estate should be known and even seen on the spot. For all alternatives to be considered correctly, they should be visited. The consultancy firm will organize free trips for you. The real estate prices in the region should be compared and the most accurate price should be revealed before proceeding with the purchase process. It is natural that there are price differences according to locations, but these prices should be evaluated correctly, and the best price should be revealed for the clients. One-stop follow-up of banking transactions and title deed transactions will provide great convenience for the prospective buyer of the property for sale in Istanbul. Hence, a reliable purchase can be made.

Where to Buy In Turkey?


Turkey is a country that has shown great improvements in the tourism sector in recent years. Located amongst the world’s financial centers, Istanbul is one of the provinces that attract attention with its historical texture, Bosphorus and infrastructure.  Also, in the medical sector, which has made great progress in health tourism, there are patients coming from all over the world to receive treatment. People who come to Turkey for health tourism and maritime tourism are located in the residential rental and purchasing demand.

Properties can be purchased from each province of Turkey. The consultancy firm that will provide free guidance for this will show all kinds of assistance and ease. In addition to the province of Istanbul, there are many beautiful residences, lands, and workplaces for foreigners in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. The consultancy company will offer a separate proposal for each location, allowing you to see on-site.

Who Can Invest in Turkey?


Every foreigner who owns enough capital can make investments on condition that they meet certain requirements. There are many options for those who want to use residential properties at a certain time like seasonal use. For instance for those who want to spend their summer holidays in Turkey.

People who want to come to Turkey more frequently and want to stay longer in cities which they like can fulfil these dreams by buying an apartment or villa. Also, the distances amongst the cities have been further shortened with the great investments in transportation. Buying property in Turkey is the best investment opportunity for people who want to spend a quiet retirement life, to purchase a workplace or just for the sake of investment.

Many people around the world come to Turkey to live and settle. Turkey becomes the new favorite of investors because of major improvements in many areas as transportation, infrastructure, health, and education. The country where four seasons can coexist at the same time, acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe and hosts many cultures. The foreigners can maintain a privileged life with their families, staying at certain times of the year or taking the citizenship in Turkey to stay longer.

Last Updated: 4/8/2019 6:34:22 PM