Visa Free Countries

For people who like to travel, visas have always been a challenge.

For people who like to travel, visas have always been a challenge. Visa applications are not only expensive, but also very troublesome because of the documents you have to collect. Therefore, we look for visa free countries if we want to travel. These countries without any extra expenses for a visa are a blessing for anyone planning a weekend abroad. Turkey has visa-free travel agreements with many countries. All information in this text concerns the ordinary passport.


One of the biggest obstacles to free travel in the world is the visa problem, directly affecting travel plans.  In the world there are 89 countries that don’t want a visa for a stay duration of 30-90 days. In addition to these, 15 countries offer easy tourist visas to Turkish citizens at the border and for 9 countries they may use online visas. People who have passports can easily travel to visa free countries. Visa regulations are subject to change and minor updates. In order to avoid complications citizens should inform themselves on the target country’s representative institution or the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website regarding mandatory visa regulations.

The countries that do not require visas from Turkish citizens aren’t few. If you have an ordinary passport, it is a good idea to take a look at the list of countries where Turkish citizens can travel without any restrictions. When you enter these countries its it’s enough to fill a short form. For easy comprehension we have categorized the countries that do not restrict access by demanding a visa.

The “Visa Free Countries 2018 List”. It is a list that will guide you when you want to travel, allowing you to explore new places to relax, to get away from intense day-to-day stress. In this context, there are places to visit and explore both in Turkey and abroad. If you plan to travel abroad there are two options to consider. Firstly, there are countries which require a different passport or visa. Secondly there are those that can be travelled with your ordinary passport. You can prepare your backpack, buy a plane ticket and enjoy the beautiful cultures and landscapes of countries that don’t require any extra work.

In Europe you must have a Schengen visa to enter most European countries, but you may enter some of them without one. Transition through Bulgaria and Greece will not be possible over the land route. You will need to use a plane in order to cross them. In case of countries like the Vatican which do not have an airport, you have to possess the visa of the nearest country through which you’ll have to transit after landing.

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