The Importance Of Trabzon In Attracting Tourists And Investors

Trabzon, located on the Black Sea coast in the northeast of the Republic of Turkey on the historic Silk Road route and near the Zigana Mountains.

Trabzon, located on the Black Sea coast in the northeast of the Republic of Turkey on the historic Silk Road route and near the Zigana Mountains. The second largest city in the Black Sea region, and one of the largest provinces in Turkey, where the current population in Trabzon is now more than 780,000 people on an area of ​​4,685 square kilometers. It is 1,069 kilometers away from the city of Istanbul. The story of the city of Trabzon begins with the inauguration of Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih and the spread of Islam, after it was a center of power for Christians in the East area and a home of Rome and the Greeks before the Islamic conquest led by the Ottoman Empire in Trabzon where, the famous Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, was born.

It is one of the most rainy and snowy areas in Turkey by winter, having a moderate temperature in summer where the average temperature ranges are between ten and twenty degrees Celsius. Which is one of the factors attracting tourists in the summer, especially as they enjoy a spectacular nature of mountainous terrain, waterfalls, lakes and green forests extending over the stretch of sight. The city has 12 rivers and four lakes, and Uzungöl Lake is the most important and the most beautiful one among all, and one of the tourist attractions which you must visit when you arrive in Trabzon. So, what makes tourists and real estate investors in Turkey attracted to this region and seeking to buy house in Trabzon?

The tourist value of the city, which is known for its social and cultural heritage without talking about its history, its fascinating tourist attractions and its charming nature, making it one of the most attractive cities for visitors from all over the world. The rich cities are always more important in the real estate sector especially when civilization meets the history such as the Turkish city of Trabzon. A wonderful and unique city that differs from other cities in Turkey, where tourists come to enjoy its beautiful climate and charming nature, that is embodies through a real picture of civilization from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The Turkish government prepares to receive tourism and real estate investments in the region through work to develop and equip it with hotels and services required to receive more than one million tourists by 2020.

Economically, the city depends on several areas, the most important one is the maritime sector, as well as holding the most important port in the Black Sea area known as the port of Trabzon. It also depends on the garment and tobacco industry and a number of agricultural products, that some of it are exported to European countries as well as the production of copper, silver and iron. But the city is preparing for a promising future thanks to the planning of a new infrastructure and architectural project to receive the investment projects that will be carried out by Arabs in Trabzon, especially by investors from Saudi Arabia in the framework of economic cooperation between the two countries Turkey and Saudi Arabia after showing the interest of Arab tourists mainly in the Black Sea area in last few years that are enjoying the amazing nature of high mountains, green forests, and the glittering waters of rivers and lakes. By living in Trabzon houses between the caves and the lush nature.

Real estate projects and residential complexes in Trabzon are being built as real estate investorsare interested to buy apartments in Trabzon.

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