“Aidat” Learn about the monthly fee paid in the residential complex

After being the owner of a property in one of the residential complexes in Turkey You will certainly come across an important term which is ‘aidat’. So, what exactly does mean?

‘Aidat’ is a monthly payment for maintenance of the residential complex. All the residents have to pay it independent of whether they permanently reside in their apartment or not. Payment of ‘aidat’ is regulated by the Turkish law on condominiums and determined at the meetings of the residents.

What are the expenses included in the ‘aidat’?

The more developed the infrastructure of the complex, the higher the ‘aidat’ are. The biggest part of the expenses is the salaries of the personnel working in the complex. If the complex is small there can be just one concierge taking care of it. The concierge makes sure that the complex and hallways are clean, fountains and pools are functioning properly, the green area is landscaped, etc.

The next big expense if the infrastructure of a complex itself. Lighting, water in the pool, heating up the sauna and hammam, operation of the bowling and cinema, etc. It all costs money. The infrastructure of a five-star hotel is not only an opportunity to enjoy the holiday without leaving the complex but also it is an additional expense which one needs to consider.

Once the total cost of the maintenance is defined, it is divided by the number of apartments in the complex.

Who calculates the service expenses and monitors the management of the complex?

All property owners have the right to participate in the complex management. From time to time meetings are organized at the complex and all the owners have the right to attend it, then the summary of the scheduled meetings is posted on the bulletin board and sent by post.

If someone cannot personally attend the meeting, he may delegate the power of attorney to another person. The decision is made by vote.


Last Updated: 3/5/2020 3:18:41 PM