Skiing in June

The Kurtik Mountain Çavuştepe region in Muş, which has an altitude of 2700 meters and snow doesn’t melt for 8 months is home to skiing and alpine slalom athletes. The athletes train in this region in June where the thickness of snow reaches 2 meters.

Skiing and alpine skiing slalom athletes of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports participate in training with shorts and t-shirts in Çavuşştepe, 13 kilometers from the city center where thermometers show 35 degrees.

Emrullah Güler, the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports following the training, pointed out that skiing can be done in Muş for six to seven months and said, “We are in June but there is still snow here. Athletes of all ages can ski here. In the plain the temperature is over 35 degrees.”

Youth and Sports and National Team Coach Veysel Oğlağo says they are aiming to train national athletes, and athlete Evin Köse reflected that it is another feeling to ski in the summer.



Last Updated: 7/31/2019 11:20:36 AM