Turkish universities to train AI, hybrid car engineers

Turkey is looking to invest in future professions with universities opening new departments, from artificial intelligence (AI) engineering to hybrid car technologies.


Turkey's first AI engineering department is set to open at Ankara-based Hacettepe University and is looking to welcome 30 students in its first year.

The decision highlights the importance that Turkey gives to AI academically. Preparing to welcome Turkey's first AI engineers, the department will open on September 2019.

Turkey is becoming a more technologically and scientifically modernized country, and this department would definitely be considered a move in the right direction for achieving that goal.

Ebru Akçapınar Sezer, is the head of the department in Hacettepe. She said that they aim to meet the qualified manpower needs of the public and private sectors concerning the AI sector, that AI will be increasingly important in the coming years. She also added that everything from health care, video game animation, imaging technologies and anything in between is in AI territory.

Another point that has to be made is data interpretation. Data in the billions is being created and circulated on the internet every day and being able to interpret these would be an immense source of power for whoever can achieve such a thing.

Hacettepe University professor Mehmet Önder Efe, in an interview with Daily Sabah, explained about the progress: "Currently, our computer engineering program includes technical elective courses that can be included in the field of AI, and students can take these courses and graduate by receiving information at the undergraduate level. Our aim with the AI engineering program is to name our studies in this framework, to take this field, in which we are strong, further and provide students the opportunity to specialize at the undergraduate level by following a computer engineering curriculum focused on AI."

He said that U.S. and China are taking much planned steps in AI and to add Turkey to this process and make it one of the developers, it was necessary that one of the universities in our country that has completed its institutional evolution should take on this task.

The academic importance of AI is also proven by its mention in the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center's (ÖSYM) 2019 Higher Education Programs and Quotas guide in the "Professions of the future" section.

Turkey also looks to launch more departments in universities in other professions expected to be popular in the near future. According to Anadolu Agency (AA), universities all over Turkey will tend to lean in this direction from now on, opening new departments oriented in futuristic technologies.

Last Updated: 7/30/2019 10:29:57 AM


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