How to Sell Your Property in Turkey

Many people think that taking a few photos of their property and putting it on a property website is just enough to sell it. Unfortunately, that is not the case as selling property requires specific knowledge. Out team of experts at Property Invest know all the ins and outs of selling property in Turkey and can assist in all the steps. Meanwhile lets walk through the main steps of selling property in Turkey.


Make sure you have all the required legal paperwork for the property before attempting todo anything. You will need the title deed (tapu), the habitation certificate (iskan), insurance certificated such as earthquake insurance DASK, and notarized power of attorney document if you are not going to be present during the sale process. Show these to your agent to doublecheck everything.   


Many people set unrealistic expectations when selling their home and of course it is in the interest of the agency as well to sell the home for a good price. Yet it is important to set the price correctly to avoid waiting for months and perhaps even years to sell it. You can get a detailed valuation from any established agency. Experienced agents know the local market well and consequently prices of properties similar to yours. This way you can set a competitive price or lower it a bit to sell faster.

State of the Property

Buyers often seek excuses to get a reduction on the price. If there is any dripping pipes, mold or similar problems warranting a negative reaction from the buyer, make sure to fix them beforehand. Try to show your property in the best light. Many agencies can assist you in this or you can do it on your own.

Photographing the Property

In today’s interconnected world you will only have the photographs of your home to attract potential buyers. Photos are very important and need to be good. Photograph your home during the day when it is well lit. Clean any clutter beforehand. Make each room clearly distinguishable in each photo. If you are not good at taking photographs you can always hire a professional, your agency can help you with this matter as well.

Selling Points

Establish selling points for your property. What sets it apart? Does it have a pool, did you recently renew the kitchen, does it have a nice view? Don’t forget to point these out to your agent.

Selecting a Reputable Agency

Try to find a well-established agency that has experience in your area. Check their website for listed properties and check their descriptions. Are they clear, would you consider buying what they are selling? Interview the agency on how they are intending to sell your home. Ask if they use any advertising or use any other property websites.

Our team will be glad to assist you on any of these matters and you can contact us any time through the provided contacts on this website.

Last Updated: 7/26/2019 5:43:31 PM