They Danced Their Heart Out At Balfolk Istanbul

The 3rd Balfolk Istanbul Festival took place with two days of dance, music and fun.

Balfolk refers to the traditional dances of several European countries that include a wide range of group, couple and line dances spanning from the Circassian circle, polka and Scottish folk dance to the waltz. There has been a revival in recent years of interest in these traditional folk dances, with communities in cities across Europe taking part in classes and balls and dance festivals, one of them was Balfolk Istanbul Festival.


Balfolk Istanbul has been around for approximately four years now and was founded by a Turkish and French duo of women, Esra Hızır and Anna Marquer-Passicot, who met in Turkey and decided to start the organization to share and take part in the traditional dances they love.

Since then, the community has grown exponentially and holds regular weekly lessons and dance parties with live music.

The last week of June a Balfolk extravaganza with the third Balfolk Istanbul Festival was held with dancers and teachers flying in from Europe to give workshops and take part in a variety of dance parties and events.



Held for the third consecutive year, the Balfolk Istanbul Festival brought Balfolk teachers and enthusiasts from a variety of countries in Europe to teach and take part in the event. This year's Balfolk Istanbul Festival began on Friday and ran through the weekend with daily workshops led by professional French and Italian dance instructors and evening dance parties with visiting and local bands. One of the highlights will be the arrival of Parasol, one of the most popular Balfolk bands in the world performed and also led a number of workshops throughout the weekend.

During the weekend there were various workshop from different countries cuştural heritage, such as  a workshop on Balkan dances, southeastern Turkish folk dances, French Bourre style and also a music workshop on the Balfolk style for skilled musicians that play any type of instrument

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