Turkish Minister at Sports Festival in Germany

 Turkey’s youth and sports minister attended the European Sports and Culture Festival (ASKFEST), which kicked off on June 28 in Germany’s northwestern city of Hamm.

Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu spoke of the "unifying power” of sports at the festival’s opening ceremony. He also added that sports are one of the best tools of brotherhood, peace, love, respect and empathy. 
“Sports unify. Sports transform, and sports prevent malignancy. Sportsmen show an example of brotherhood in the field.”
The three-day festival carries the theme "Do Sports Together! Have Fun Together! Live Together!". It aims to strengthen cultural ties between Germany and Turkey.
As part of the festival, there are team and individual sports competitions, games for children and adults and cultural events. Competitions in football and basketball, athletics, bowling, cycling, skateboarding and table tennis will also be held.
The attendees can also sample Turkish and German cuisine and enjoy concerts. The event, which is free of charge for Turkish and German nationals ended on June 30. 

Last Updated: 7/19/2019 10:12:21 AM


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