Types of Hospitals in Turkey

In Turkey hospitals not only provide general treatment and emergency services but also work to prevent diseases and epidemics, offer on site treatment or referral, conduct research and train experts.

Since a single hospital cannot provide all necessary solutions for each need, the hospitals are classified according to their function. They are divided into 3 main service types:

General Hospitals

These hospitals are responsible to serve in all kinds of emergency situations, providing ambulances and on-site treatment as well as extensive treatment at the hospitals themselves. They have specialists in all general categories.


Special Branch Hospitals

These hospitals are specialized for certain diseases, age groups, or branches of treatment such as organ transplantation or oncology. Children’s hospitals, heart and chest disease hospitals and kidney hospitals are examples of the special branch hospitals.


Training Hospitals

In addition to performing duties such as training experts, medical education and research these hospitals also have bed capacity for inpatients, may intervene in emergencies and perform surgical operations. They are generally university hospitals.


Hospitals Classified by the Duration of Stay of the Patients


Ambulatory Medical Centers: These are health centers where patients can receive daily treatments, can be admitted in critical situations and stay for observation.   

Hospitals with Short Duration of Stay: These general or special branch hospitals admit patients for treatment for periods of less than 30 days.

Hospitals with Long Duration of Stay: These hospitals offer treatments that last over 30 days.


Hospitals classified by ownership

In this classification, private enterprise hospitals and hospitals belonging to public organizations and institutions are separated from each other. Classification of hospitals as per their ownership is as follows:

  • Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Assistance hospitals
  • Institution of Social Insurance hospitals
  • Public economic enterprise hospitals
  • University hospitals
  • Special provincial administration hospitals
  • Foreign, minority and association hospitals
  • Private enterprise hospitals


Hospitals Classified by Number of Beds

This classification distinguishes hospitals not only based on the number of beds but also the amount of personnel, expert staff, technical equipment and financial support they receive.

  • Private, public, branch or research hospitals with 50 beds
  • Hospital complexes with 100 beds
  • Hospital complexes with 200 beds
  • Hospital complexes with 400 beds or more
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