Turkey's Most Popular Residential Locations

Turkey has much to offer to foreigners who are looking to start investment in Turkey or live in the country permanently, flexible lifestyle, developed infrastructure, and the bonus is the low cost of living.

Retiring expats generally stick to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as the large city of Istanbul.

1- Didim: Comfortable Cheap Home

For who want a low cost of living, the small town of Didim is an ideal choice, it is a popular holiday resort in summer but also has a large expats community attracted by its British vibes and low prices of property for sale in Turkey starting at £35,000 for an apartment. Eating and drinking out is also incredibly affordable.

2- Fethiye: Beautiful Scenery

Fethiye one of the most beautiful towns to live in turkey, Enjoying a different climate zone between the Aegean coast, and the Mediterranean. the Blue Lagoon in the Oludeniz district that is the most photographed beach in Turkey.

3- Yalıkavak: An Unconventional Lifestyle

Yalıkavak is one of the first destinations in Turkey to hold tourism, so most locals speak English.

Yalıkavak on the Aeg  ean coast of Turkey has for many decades attracted expats looking to get away. As a favorite destination for artists, celebrities, musicians and anyone looking to find themselves, community vibes revolve around a belief that life is what you make it.

4-  Istanbul A Unique City

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, it is a hub of tourism, finance, business, economy, and industry. It also has the best access to education facilities as well as a huge transport network to other places in Turkey as well as countries around the world.

Of course, as a city, the cost of living is higher, but the current Istanbul real estate market tends to provide good properties in the outskirt with lower prices.

5- Antalya in Mediterranean Turkey

Antalya continues to rock in at second place for the highest number of houses sold each month. Comprising a large city center and smaller coastal resorts, it is one of the cheapest places to buy a property for sale in Turkey. Antalya is the second most popular touristic destination in Turkey; hence it's ideal to buy-to-let real estate investment. The transport network is also very great.

6- Bursa

Bursa is showing an enormous increase year by year in selling houses for foreigners. Many of them are Middle-Eastern nationalities who find many similarities in culture, food, and history. In recent years, its tourism profile rose to new heights thanks to its inclusion onto the UNESCO site list.

7- Yalova

It's close to Bursa with good cheap property prices. Sitting just an hour away from Istanbul, it is an alternative destination to find properties that come with a relaxed lifestyle.

Last Updated: 6/28/2019 11:13:50 AM