Real Estate Investment In Bursa

The growing modern city of Bursa sits just across the Marmara Sea from the vibrant city of Istanbul. and like Istanbul real estate it has seen many changes in recent years with property developers meeting demands from many overseas property investors searching for an ideal investment in Turkey.

Buying investment real estate in Bursa will give you a year-round rental income no matter which area you choose as both the city and the seaside areas are located within easy reach of one of Turkey’s top skiing resorts of Uludağ.


Bursa is Turkey’s fourth largest city, located 160km south of Istanbul, neighboring the Sea of Marmara in the north. Its world-heritage historical sites, natural wonders, and strategic importance make it one of the most special cities of Turkey. It has a remarkable share in the total economy due to heavy industry and year-round tourism. Bursa has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. Today, it is the most industrialized city of Turkey, with three major industries; automotive, furniture and textile. The larger Bursa province also has everything from beaches to ski resorts pulling in luxury investment, a thriving agriculture sector, convenient means of transport, and above all, the kind people of Bursa. The weather is generally warm except the mountain areas, especially Uludağ, the highest mountain of the region, it is a natural park and famous winter sports resort that is open for activities all-year-round.

Investment in Bursa

While these areas are growing, construction and real estate developers are establishing residential and commercial projects in Bursa. The Arabs are leading the list of foreign investors who are looking for buying a property for sale in Turkey to invest in the real estate sector in Bursa. The city includes many villas, residential complexes, and tourist hotels, thus providing good opportunities for real estate investment and buying property in Bursa, especially since it is close to Istanbul, which contributed to the desire to buy apartments in Bursa, houses, and villas with mountain views surrounded by beautiful landscapes

Last Updated: 6/25/2019 10:58:35 AM