158-Year-Old Ottoman Calligraphy Sold For $9,000 At Istanbul Auction

158-year-old Ottoman calligraphy was sold for 55,000 Turkish liras ($9,142 at an auction. It was the highest price so far among auctioned items in Istanbul.

This exceptional calligraphy work was made in 1861 by Çırçırlı Mehmed Ali Efendi and it was engraved on a black surface with a special technique called "zerendud”. The item is sold at the "Ottoman Art and Combined Artworks" auction held by the Eker Gallery.

The owner of the gallery and director of the auction, Yusuf Şimşekçaktı, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the turnout and participation in the auction was above expectations. The auction was held for very specific artworks, and the high A class participants were present.

In addition to silver, porcelain, glass, and ceramic pieces, 250 pieces of artifacts such as Ottoman fezzes, silver bowls, Ottoman belt buckles, sheets, oilers, mother of pearl inlays, plates and spoons were also sold.

The auction lasted for about two hours. Nearly 200 pieces of artifacts including paintings, sculptures, and rosaries were showcased to the audience.

Last Updated: 6/12/2019 10:36:12 AM