Education Opportunities In Turkey

Turkey has been home to the giant empires in history, and today has one of the most interesting history and cultural characters. Turkey has a unique cultural combination because of its unique location over the two continents.

Students in Turkey have the chance to find themselves in a country with the richest history.  If you are looking for a place to pursue your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, you will find no place more fascinating than Turkey. Take your courses during the week, and then take a weekend trip indulging yourself into history, nature, or urban activities!


Why Study in Turkey?

Turkey has become one of the top destinations for international students as the country provides great learning and scholarship opportunities for many foreign students. 

The government has announced a vision to draw around 500,000 foreign students by offering scholarships.

Besides having several top-ranked universities, many of these univesities offer English-taught degree programs. The academic system in Turkey is largely modeled off of the American system, with two-year Associate’s Degree programs, followed by 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs, and 2 to 4 years graduate programs.

Universities in Turkey can offer something to fit your life, and a way for you to succeed, depending on where you are in your career or what goals you have in mind.

Study options in Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer for international students: High-value education, multicultural environment, active cities, beautiful landscapes, artistic, and cultural events. Living and studying in Turkey will positively inspire you.

There are 119 state universities and more than 70 private foundation universities serving five million students in various academic programs.

What to Study in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can improve your skills through various fields and subjects such as Science, Art, and Architecture.

Here are some of the most popular fields of study:

  • Biology and Biomedical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Journalism & Media
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Information Technologies
  • Finance and Banking
  • International Relations
  • International Trade

The most important cities for education in Turkey are Ankara and Istanbul.


Approximate annual education fees


For Undergraduate Programs

1. State Universities:

Universities where education is in Turkish:

Turkish nationals: 80 – 250 USD

Foreign nationals: 240 – 750 USD

Universities where education is in English:

Turkish nationals: USD 150 – 500 USD.

Foreign nationals: USD 450 – 1500 USD.

2.Private Foundation Universities:

5.000 - 15.000 USD

For Graduate Programs

1. State Universities

Universities where education is in Turkish:

Turkish nationals: 100 – 200 USD

Foreign nationals: 300 – 600 USD

Universities where education is in English:

Turkish nationals: 200 – 300 USD

Foreign nationals: 600 – 900 USD

2.Pprivate Foundation Universities:

5.000 – 20.000 USD

Education costs for Turkic Republics and countries students “Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Nakhichevan, Tatarstan, and Ukraine” are the same as Turkish citizens at state universities.

How to apply to universities in Turkey

Each university in Turkey has its own system on their website that allows students to apply for and enroll in their degree programs.

Some of the main requirements for every application:

A scanned copy of your diploma (High school or Bachelor’s degree)

A transcript/record of your previous courses

A scanned copy of your passport

Your CV or Portfolio

Testing scores

Evidence of scholarship or funding

Recommendation letters (1-2)

English language tests. The certificate of English proficiency  generally accepted by the universities in Turkey is: TOEFL.

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