How to Buy Your First Property in Turkey?

Buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul or any other property for sale in Turkey is a great investment. that this could be one of the most important investment decisions to make. You need to research how much you can invest and how you hope to gain from your purchase. Here are the considerations you must take into account while buying property for sale in Turkey.

1-Where You Want to Live?

The most important decision to make, while purchasing a property for sale in Turkey, is to consider the location. Be clear about where you want to live. Choose which part of the city fits the lifestyle you seek. For example, what should the distance from the apartment to your office be? There need to be shopping malls, hospitals, and other facilities and amenities as well. If you want a neighborhood with walkways, you need an apartment complex which has parks. Specific considerations must be taken into account when looking for your first apartment in Turkey for sale.


2-The Price Factor

Be sure about the amount you want to pay; about how much you can afford to spend. You need also to consider the price of the property and see how it compares to other properties in the area. You need to calculate how many years it takes for the property to pay for itself.


3-Costs Involved

Another important feature to consider before making the purchase is the ongoing cost. See the copies of the previous apartment owner’s property taxes, insurance and repair bills, maintenance costs and utility bills before making the purchase. You need to factor these costs into your monthly budget as well.



The financial structure and experience of the construction company also matter, when it comes to judging the reliability of the property, and the quality of its infrastructure. The selection needs to be made from well known, reliable construction companies.


When Choosing a Property

When you’re inspecting a property, make sure that the house has a title deed and that the water, natural gas, phone, and electricity bills have been paid by the previous owner. You must also ask if the building is resistant to earthquakes. It’s also essential to note everything about the property, as well as the area around it.

Last Updated: 7/1/2019 1:26:39 PM