Turkish Red Crescent extends its help in Ramadan

Turkey's leading charity, the Turkish Red Crescent, declared its humanitarian projects for the holy month of Ramadan. The charity's president, Kerem Kınık, stated they're going to reach almost 15 million people in Turkey and also the world as a part of their aid campaign.

The fasting month of Ramadan is dedicated to helping the poor and Ramadan will be marked with international humanitarian projects by Turkish charities. The country's most renowned humanitarian aid organization, The Turkish Red Crescent is at the forefront of Turkey's aid endeavors around the world.


The charity introduced its campaign for the month at a press conference by Turkish Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık in Istanbul. Kınık pointed the work the charity will undertake in the holy month and said they would reach out to about 15 million people in need in Turkey and other countries. The campaign will focus on poor families in Turkey more this year. Kınık said the Red Crescent's "sharing campaigns" have been a tradition in Ramadan, "a month to make impoverished families smile." This year, the Red Crescent will be present in in 37 countries for aid delivery, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, the Maldives, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Djibouti, Senegal, South Sudan and Suriname, will receive aid this year.

The charity will host iftar dinners for about 1 million people during Ramadan. Kınık stated that they will deliver food packages to 400,000 households in Turkey. He also added that 400,000 is the minimum number, and they hoped for more deliveries if donors increase their contribution during the month.


The Red Crescent will also serve as an intermediary in donation of zakat to 150 households and runs a fitr campaign for those seeking to donate money to the needy. Other Turkish charities will also launch humanitarian campaigns during the month of Ramadan. The Federation of Associations That Value Humanity (İDDEF) will reach out to the needy in 33 countries from Africa to the Balkans. The Istanbul-based charity will both hand out fitr and zakat from donors to the poor and host iftar dinners in Kosovo, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan and Philippines. The International Cooperation and Aid Association will host iftar dinners and suhoor meals in Ethiopia and deliver packages with food for one month to 1,920 families in the country. The Humanitarian Aid Foundation aims to reach out to 3 million people in 120 countries throughout Ramadan. The charity's campaign focuses on Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Palestine, Bangladesh, Iraq and Myanmar.


Last Updated: 5/14/2019 9:51:11 AM


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