The Historical Great Bazaars Of Istanbul

Istanbul has always been an important center throughout history thanks to its location on the crossroads of trade routes.

Therefore, its economy is always growing. Istanbul is a landmark that people travel thousands of kilometers to visit or to start an investment in Turkey. 

Egyptian Bazaar “Spice Bazaar”
The Spice Bazaar is one of the oldest historical spots in “Eminönü”. It played an important role in turning the city into a commercial powerhouse. It was built in the mid-17th century by the architect ”Kazim Ağa”. It was originally made of wood and has suffered fires over the centuries. Then, got its final repairs in 1940 by the Istanbul City Municipality.

It was previously known as ”New Bazaar” and “Valide Bazaar”, but in the 18th century, the bazaar became known as "Egyptian Bazaar" because the spices being imported from the East generally passed through Egypt on their way to Istanbul.
It has 86 shops and there are 6 gates to the Bazaar. The ceiling is high and this is also covered with domes.
It is open daily between 09:00-19.00 except during public holidays. Opens on Sundays too between 10:00-18:00.

Grand Bazaar
The grand bazaar is one of the first covered markets in the world. It was a meeting point for merchants over the years. The Grand Bazaar that located in “Beyazıt” has built of wood by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1461. It suffered several fires and earthquakes during centuries but has always been repaired after each disaster. Last renewals were made after a big fire in the mid-fifteenth century when it was finally made out of stone.
The bazaar initially consisted of two warehouses only, then grew over time and is now consists of 60 streets, 3,600 stores, and 17 commercial building. It has several cafes and restaurants, change offices, a police station, and 22 gates. 
 It’s one of the most visited places in the city and a great place to pick out gifts for your loved ones. Approximately 250.000 to 400.000 people visit the Bazaar every day!
The Grand Bazaar is open daily between 09:00-19.00 except on Sundays and during public holidays.

Sahaflar Bazaar
The Sahaflar Bazaar is a gathering place for all book-lovers. It’s a remainder of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century. You can find books new and old to antiques in the Sahaflar Bazaar.
The second-hand book market of Sahaflar Bazaar is the oldest book market in the city and sits just between Beyazid Mosque and Grand Bazaar. It is more than just a place to buy books, it's a social setting to discuss the ideas and a meeting place for intellectual people. If you want to breathe in the atmosphere of literature, be sure to spend a little time in Sahaflar Bazaar. Also, Ottoman miniature pages can be found there.
It is open daily except on Sundays and during public holidays.

Arasta Bazaar
Arasta Bazaar is a small traditional market in Istanbul also known as Sipahiler Çarşısı. Initially, this place was built in the 17th century with the blue mosque and used to be stables during the Ottoman period. Then suffered a blaze in 1912, causing huge damage and it was left in ruins for a long time. It was converted into shops in 1980.
The Bazaar has 70 Stores in a historical atmosphere, for traditional rugs, carpets and a range of other goods from Turkish and Ottoman culture.
It is located behind the Blue Mosque, just next to the entrance of the Mosaics Museum. The Arasta Bazaar is open daily.

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