A Guide To Best Places For Breakfast in Istanbul

The best way to start your day is by having a rich breakfast. It’s the main meal of the day for the Turkish people. In Turkish culture breakfast is not just a meal, it’s an enjoyable occasion. a good weekend breakfast like therapy to forget the exhaustion of your business week especially if your job is related to investment in Turkey.

First, we will highlight some must-try dishes, then top breakfast spots in Istanbul:

Bazlama: Served on the breakfast table instead of or beside, traditional bread.
Sucuk: A garlicky beef sausage, flavored with spices, served grilled or fried, often supplement
with fried eggs.
Menemen: Scrambled eggs, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and onions.
Cheese and olives: A Turkish breakfast without them is considered incomplete. As Turkey is one
of the top 10 olive fabricators in the world.
Bal and kaymak: ”honey and clotted cream” one of the most delicious Turkish breakfast dishes.
It is a marvelous way to start the day with spreading them together on bread!


If you haven't checked out Beşiktaş's famous "Breakfast Street", it is absolutely the time to
make this amazing discovery. It’s a unique and creative area mostly with wooden tables, less
than a five-minute walk from the coast into the heart of the lively neighborhood of Beşiktaş.
The vibe here is relaxed, fast-paced, loud and crowded, which has also become a favorite
destination among the expat community and foreigners that visit Turkey. The street is called
“Çelebi Oğlu” with a range of cafes that specialize in the art of breakfast. Some days it can be
difficult to even find a table! It is worth it because the lively morning energy of the area and of
course, the delicious breakfasts are truly out of this world.

The trendy Ortaköy neighborhood, one of Istanbul's hot spots for the weekend with its vibrant
atmosphere. It’s also spotted with numerous cafes, restaurants with variety offer you
everything you could desire for breakfast like honey and cream, flavored roasted pepper and
home-made fig jam, Toasted bread. In one word “Serpme Kahvaltı” is recommended there!

The small streets of Karaköy

it’s a platform of the trendy bohemian life of Istanbul. Many small nice restaurants have
opened, and you will find a bit of everything, from pancakes to pastries, to more traditional

Moda is Kadıköy’s most casual area where the young people control with their bars, shops,
restaurants, and cafes. Always crowded with locals and foreigners, Moda has some of the
excellent breakfast restaurants that are worth the ferry ride across the Bosphorus.

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