Tips From Experts to Invest in Istanbul Real Estate

As Turkey’s largest and most populated city, it is no surprise that Istanbul real estate investment market is a source of activity. Every day, hundreds of deals take place. In fact, it is the most popular market for both foreigners and Turks as seen over the years.

Domestic and Foreign Sales Stats

The country’s National Institute of Statistics declared in 2013 that Istanbul is the second most popular place for foreigners to buy property for sale in Turkey with 2,447 sales. then the city picked up popularity in 2015, and so far, that year, foreigners have bought 7895 houses making it the most popular destination. In September 2018, sales jumped by over 151% as foreigners gathered to take advantage of the lucrative new rules for citizenship in Turkey. For domestic sales, in 2017, just over 238.000 Turks bought property in Istanbul.


What Do Investors Need To Know If They Want To Buy An Apartment For Sale In Istanbul?

Istanbul has 39 districts spread over 1500 square kilometers. Inside each area, a variety of neighborhood with different characteristics and unique selling points, which offers many choices for buyers.

Some areas branded for apartment living while others boast of luxury villa lifestyles. Buy-to-let investors should also look at tourism hubs. Whether they are family, tourism and nightlife hubs, populated or off the beaten track, buyers should look closely. Know your reasons for buying and then find the community that suits you most.


Future Projects

Part of the popularity of the Istanbul real estate market is that the city is a center of business, tourism, and education. New transport links, shopping facilities, tourism attractions, green parks and mega-projects like the new airport are just a segment of the great changes taking place in Turkey’s largest city.


Go Local

At Istanbul Homes, sales staff live locally and have deep knowledge of all neighborhoods. They stay up-to-date on news and developments affecting the housing market, so can answer questions and give advice.


Funding Your Purchase

Most people looking for funds go to the bank for a loan. However, interest rates often drive up the cost of your purchase. We can help you with many choices of properties with long-term payment plans. it is another way to save money and cut down the costs.

Last Updated: 4/25/2019 5:48:53 PM