Alanya: Enjoy The Spring Sun

Alanya has a history going back thousands of years. Alanya was founded in the 7th century B.C.

There are several reasons to visit Alanya beside looking for good property for sale in Turkey; Maybe the most important one is the warm Mediterranean sun that shines during the year. It provides an attractive Mediterranean climate, which enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year. Yes, you are so lucky to have a sunny holiday here!

Alanya known as “the land of the sun” in history. it is an attractive point for foreigners; Germans are the largest group among the expats who live there. Alanya is also active all year with festivals and sports events, especially the international beach volleyball games. If you want to focus on sightseeing and various tours around Alanya, spring could be a great time for your holiday. The average temperature in the spring time is around 20°C. Perfect for outdoor activities.

Alanya also is famous for its bananas famous for their great taste and aroma. According to dependable sources, bananas are being cultivated in Alanya since the mid-18th century.




1 - Alanya Castle And The Red Tower

Alanya castle is a must-see location during your trip to Alanya. The citadel was built in the 13th  century but the fortifications date back to the 3rd  century BC. It’s really incredible to see how these remains withstood the test of time and climate over the centuries.


2 - Sapadere Canyon

The rushing white river cuts through the mountains, carving a deep canyon with sharp sandstone walls on each side. There is a woody walkway through the canyon, giving visitors sights of natural beauty and pouring waterfalls. There are a couple of swimming spots along the way with access stairways.


3 - Stand Up Paddling

 You don’t need any special skills besides a bit of balance to do this activity. It is pretty relaxing, with plenty of time to enjoy the ocean views. It’s recommended to do Stand Up Paddling activity early in the morning before the boats start to take off of the marina.


4 - Jeep Safari

Going on a jeep safari is a good option for enjoying the mountain routes. The trip starts in Alanya city and takes you up to the “Taurus” mountains 1200 meters above the sea level. with some interesting stops in mountain villages.


5 - Boat Trip

It is another way to take a good look at the gorgeous panorama of Alanya from various angles. There are a couple of sea cliff caves to see as well. Yes, you are welcome to swim into and around those caves at the sea level and under. There will be plenty of stops arranged for you to enjoy your time in the sea swimming, diving, etc. with your loved ones.






1 - Cleopatra Beach


The best beach in Turkey. It’s believed that Mark Anthony, the famous Roman general gave this beach to his lover, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and she spent her quality time walking along these sands and swimming in the sea. Thus, the sands of this beach are known as “The Cleopatra Sands” famous for its unique color and softness which set this beach apart from all other beaches of the known Roman world of its time.


2 - Damlatas Beach

Damlatas beach, is a remarkable beaches in Turkey because it is wheelchair friendly. Also, it is the best place for snorkeling due to its crystal clear turquoise water and rich marine life.


3 - Portakal Beach

Portakal Beach has the regular amenities of cafes and restaurant, but the advantage is the water sporting utilities for rent including Jet-skis while enjoying the beautiful background scenery of the Taurus mountain.

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